What are the models of bras?
The fair sex is well aware that there are no insignificant wardrobe items - every thing plays a role in creating a stylish and harmonious image. Women pay special attention…

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A woman should be perfect in everything - both in appearance and in a sense of style in clothes, and, importantly, elements of the wardrobe that are hidden under the…

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The first association with everyday underwear is minimalism: a minimum of seams, jewelry, fasteners and more. Most often, girls have to choose between beautiful and comfortable. But rag shapeless bodices…

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There is no doubt that no modern young lady can imagine her life without a bra. But are all the ladies happy with the little things that manufacturers offer them? This is surprising, but with all the variety of offers, there are many complaints about bras.

For example, girls do not always allow themselves to wear new fashion items for the simple reason that they can not choose underwear for them. And they suffer, most often, in the event that they like to wear outfits explicit (with a neckline, open back, with bare shoulders) or products made of transparent fabrics.

After all, it is not necessary to show others their own bras. And they strive to betray themselves: either the strap will appear from under the dress, then the clasp on the back will look out. If this is an open dress, then it is initially difficult to hide such and such bra elements.

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Here it shakes, there it subsides: typical mistakes when choosing underwear

Underwear is a delicate topic: not all women have relationships with the most intimate part of the wardrobe that go smoothly. Buying beautiful and comfortable underwear is sometimes the same quest: it rubs here, falls there, does not hold here, and simply interferes with living. Many adult women openly hate bras, scornfully calling them “harnesses.” Someone, tired of rubbing underwear, generally ceases to wear it, others are trying to change something or put up with inevitability and discomfort.

My “revolution” in the subject of underwear
I want to tell a personal story that happened to me a few years ago. I never doubted that I wear the right underwear and know how to choose it, although I realized that it is often either uncomfortable, but beautiful, or ugly, but comfortable. But somehow, in the mirror of the fitting shop, I noticed that the breasts in clothes began to look worse — gravity and years took their toll — and went to the underwear store for a new set. Continue reading


A delicate and intimate wardrobe item is more important than it seems at first glance – the convenience, health and even mood of a girl depends on it. Women’s underpants are sewn from a wide variety of materials – satin, silk, cotton, viscose, and finest lace. Therefore, each representative of the fair sex can experiment before settling on the most comfortable option.

Manufacturers of women’s underwear are constantly expanding the assortment – fashion designers come up with new styles and create unique collections. To answer a simple question – what are the panties, it is worth looking into the fashion guide. There are slips, hipsters, bikinis, tanga, tong, boyshorts and many other models. Their main difference is in the size, form and degree of frankness. All of these styles can be combined into three large groups – maxi, midi and mini. To the mini, in addition to thongs and bikinis, for example, are Vikings – women’s panties with a high side strip and a narrowing at the back. Tanga is especially popular among midi – two triangles of fabric connected by a thin Continue reading

Brassieres are designed not only to support the chest, but also to correct the figure - a correctly chosen model can make the silhouette more expressive and sexy. In this…


Thanks to practicality, versatility and high comfort, swimming shorts have gained great popularity among consumers. Having such a thing, you get rid of the need to purchase separately swimming trunks…


There is nothing worse than a comfortable molted bra syndrome when you wear underwear only to support, cover and protect these places from the cold! Do not consider that magnificent…