Here it shakes, there it subsides: typical mistakes when choosing underwear
Underwear is a delicate topic: not all women have relationships with the most intimate part of the wardrobe that go smoothly. Buying beautiful and comfortable underwear is sometimes the same…

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What are the models of bras?
The fair sex is well aware that there are no insignificant wardrobe items - every thing plays a role in creating a stylish and harmonious image. Women pay special attention…

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The underwear boom of the Calvin Klein brand began in the 80s of the last century and was so powerful that the word “calvins” in the USA at that time…

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Health is Above All! In the cold season, in winter or early spring, it is very easy to catch a cold and get sick. In order to be fully armed in the fight against cold and frost, special equipment is needed.

The best protection for a modern man from the cold piercing wind or freezing temperatures overboard is to buy high-quality and comfortable thermal underwear, which can be in our store. This term has recently entered the list of popular goods for men’s use. However, the advantage of using thin and warm underpants, underpants and a thermal t-shirt has already been appreciated by many. Today, this part of the wardrobe confidently won the mandatory position in the list of clothes of a modern man.

The main function of this type of underwear is protection in t Continue reading

Spring 2019 Trends: Sportswear

The portable style is gaining momentum, and today it is not just a tracksuit in which you can run or exercise in the gym, but also quite fashionable, practical and comfortable clothes for everyday life. Moreover, this is not necessarily boring training with stripes, the style of sport chic includes dynamic, beautiful and comfortable things with an element of luxury.

This spring, famous designers released new collections of clothes that can safely be attributed to sports style. So, the first thing to start with is colors, which are the most relevant topic in the field of trends.

The color that can be safely called beloved by all the glamorous young ladies this spring is the leopard. I must say that animal prints are now in trend in all collections of fashion designers. And this applies to clothes, accessories, bags and even shoes. Leopard color is simply the king of trends, and sportswear is also not spared. Therefore, if you want to buy yourself some kind of sharp-fashionable sports kit, then you can safely choose things in a leopard style. Moreover, it is not necessary to choose a variant of a monolike, today it is just fashionable and relevant to alternate different colors. For example, you can leave a leopard print in one Continue reading


Men’s underpants are the most necessary part of the wardrobe. If a shirt can be replaced with a T-shirt, and pants with shorts, then underwear is irreplaceable by anything, unless, of course, you are ready to completely refuse to wear underwear. The well-being and even the health of a man depend on the quality of tailoring, the composition of the fabric and the convenience of style. Studies have already shown the influence of the style of cowards on the reproductive function, so their choice should not be neglected.

Fortunately, today the services of the stronger sex have a huge assortment of diverse models. The best brands of men’s underwear offer beautiful and high-quality products that can be purchased in company stores, stationary retail outlets, as well as online. Continue reading

In order to look attractive, not enough beautiful dresses. The proportions of the figure largely depend on the correct choice of the size of underwear. Not all girls know how…


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When updating your wardrobe, do not forget about the intimate elements of clothing. If you want to buy fashionable underwear from the collections of 2017, it is worth deciding on…