Traditional combinations

Each representative of the fair sex knows that when choosing underwear it is necessary to take into account many different nuances. For example, when buying a bra, it is important…

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If nature has not rewarded you with a seductive third breast size, but you do not give up the dream of wearing a dress with a deep neckline, choose -…

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Sleep is an integral part of the life of any person. It is during this period that our body regains strength and stores energy for a new day. The quality…

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What is underwear for a modern woman? That which cannot be dispensed with. Firstly, this is hygiene, and secondly, independence and ease. And finally, the main thing is aesthetics. As you know, this was not always the case.

Lingerie in the form in which we know it is a very recent invention. However, to be fair, it is impossible not to mention that to one degree or another, many eras and peoples knew something like linen.

The history of lingerie to this day
The basis of the current bra can be considered a corset (the word “corset” comes from French. Corps – body). Even in ancient Greece and Rome, women wore leather bandages under a tunic or tunic, tightening their stomach and supporting their breasts. Mosaic images of female masseuses from Roman baths are preserved, on which loincloths and chest bands are worn, which together resembles a separate swimsuit. Continue reading


There is nothing worse than a comfortable molted bra syndrome when you wear underwear only to support, cover and protect these places from the cold! Do not consider that magnificent underwear exists only for seduction of men. You need to wear underwear for yourself, beloved, it means sexuality, which a woman hides under clothes

The most important thing is that a well-fitting underwear is the foundation that either creates the appearance or spoils it. If you are wearing a bra that no longer supports the chest or squeezes it heavily, forming ugly bumps on top, even the most expensive clothes will not look.

Little female tricks
How to choose a bra?
We don’t wear the same bra all our lives. Although, judging by the state of some of them, it is quite possible to think so. A bra usually lasts from three to six months, depending on how often you wear it and how often you wash it. Continue reading

From the history of lingerie: garters and belts

The history of things stores many interesting, unusual and, sometimes, funny facts about a variety of things and events. And lingerie is no exception. Here, for example, the intimate detail of underwear – the garter owes its popularity to the English king Edward III. How it was?

In chivalric novels and in historical chronicles, an incident happened in 1348 at a ball in Windsor Castle with one high-born lady. Some call her Countess of Kent, others claim that she was Queen Philip, and still others attribute the incident to Countess Salisbury. Continue reading

Spring 2019 Trends: Sportswear

The portable style is gaining momentum, and today it is not just a tracksuit in which you can run or exercise in the gym, but also quite fashionable, practical and comfortable clothes for everyday life. Moreover, this is not necessarily boring training with stripes, the style of sport chic includes dynamic, beautiful and comfortable things with an element of luxury.

This spring, famous designers released new collections of clothes that can safely be attributed to sports style. So, the first thing to start with is colors, which are the most relevant topic in the field of trends.

The color that can be safely called beloved by all the glamorous young ladies this spring is the leopard. I must say that animal prints are now in trend in all collections of fashion designers. And this applies to clothes, accessories, bags and even shoes. Leopard color is simply the king of trends, and sportswear is also not spared. Therefore, if you want to buy yourself some kind of sharp-fashionable sports kit, then you can safely choose things in a leopard style. Moreover, it is not necessary to choose a variant of a monolike, today it is just fashionable and relevant to alternate different colors. For example, you can leave a leopard print in one Continue reading


The underwear boom of the Calvin Klein brand began in the 80s of the last century and was so powerful that the word “calvins” in the USA at that time began to mean the category of clothes – underpants. Despite the rapid emergence of new brands operating in this niche, the underwear with the CK logo remains the most bought in the world today. According to the popular independent online magazine on fashion and beauty, Buro 24/7, the brand is not going to give up its positions in the coming years and plans to increase sales to $ 12 billion a year.

The success of the brand has always been based on revolutionary decisions, whether it be the idea of ​​developing male sexuality or unisex clothing. Today, given the potential of new technologies in marketing, the corporation management decided to focus on the direction of digital promotion of goods, Continue reading

From the history of lingerie: garters and belts
The history of things stores many interesting, unusual and, sometimes, funny facts about a variety of things and events. And lingerie is no exception. Here, for example, the intimate detail…


A woman should be perfect in everything - both in appearance and in a sense of style in clothes, and, importantly, elements of the wardrobe that are hidden under the…


What designers can come up with in order to satisfy the whims of modern women! They are developing new types of clothing, including creating unusual intimate accessories. For example, for…


How to choose your own underwear
1. You can determine your actual linen size at This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site…