Delicate fabrics fade prematurely and lose their appeal. Women who still do not know how to properly care for underwear will definitely agree with this conclusion. And the housewives, having…

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Detox-Fußpflaster erfahrungen
Ideas about the ideal figure of the fair sex have changed over the centuries. And, accordingly, women's underwear regularly changed: the history of the appearance of these elements of the…

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Underwear is an intimate and very significant part of a woman’s wardrobe. The fair floor is ready to part with substantial sums, updating or replenishing your wardrobe with new beautiful…

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25 facts about underwear

1. According to one version, the first bra was invented in 1914 by the American Mary Phelps Jacobs, who made a trial version of handkerchiefs. Her husband approved his wife’s invention and sold the product patent to entrepreneurs.

2. The most expensive bra in the world released by Victoria’s Secrets. It has 3900 gems, including diamonds and rubies. And it costs 12.5 million dollars.

3. For the first time the phrase “underwear” appeared at the end of the nineteenth century.

4. Your (in size) bra should be fastened with a middle hook, and two fingers should fit freely between the fabric and body.

5. Everyone’s favorite negligee is an invention of the famous favorite of the French king Marquise de Pompadour.

6. In Kiev, a monument to underwear. The monument weighs 300 kilograms, the diameter is – 2 meters. The monument is made in the form of a globe, but instead of the mainland it has different types of underwear.

7. Push-up bras with pushing effect according to the recommendations of mammologists cannot be worn for more than two hours a day. Pressure on the mammary gland can cause all sorts of tumors.

8. The red color of underwear is in first place for popularity among men.

9. Stretch marks on the chest are very often the result of an improperly selected bra.

10. Panties – slip – classic panties that partially cover the buttocks. Tight to the body and have different heights of the waistline.

11. The largest bra in the world was sewn by Triumph. The bra corresponds to the 28th size of the bust. Its production took 70 meters of fabric.

12. If you wash underwear in the machine, then during washing it is better to use special bags that protect the linen from damage.

13. The layering of a woman’s underwear of the 19th century – beginning of the 20th century consisted of: a stocking, a pantalon and shirts, a corset, a lower skirt with lace frill, hiding legs, a linen blouse on a corset, pads for a tourniquet, a second lower skirt made of thick fabric, upper clothes – corsage and upper skirt or dress.

14. Second – a skin or second skin – a translucent flesh-colored bra, which is made of fabric with a high percentage of nylon or lycra. It looks rather unusual under thin, tight-fitting clothes.

15. According to surveys of the American company, it turned out that on average each respondent has 21 underwear sets.

16. Foam cups in a bra were invented by Parisian fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth.

17. The most expensive is premium lace lingerie – handmade lingerie that does not irritate the skin.

18. On New Year’s Eve, Italians wear red, Argentines wear pink, and Brazilians are just brand new underwear, these are the traditions.

19. In 1935, for the first time, they came up with classic underpants, they were Y-shaped, and had two styles: long and short.

20. A loincloth is at the same time the most popular and simplest form of underwear. This is probably the very first lingerie that people came up with.

21. Lingerie ties as a style first appeared in Brazil in 1980. By the 1990s, this style of underwear had become popular all over the world. Ties with ties quickly become a bestseller.

22. In 1991, the average bra size in the United States was 34B (3-3.5); today it is 36C (2).

23. Pantyhose that combined stockings, garters and panties were invented in 1959 in North Carolina by Glen Raven. In 1965, thanks to the popularity of miniskirts, tights began to be made seamlessly.

24. 41% of men prefer classic shorts, while 12% wear boxers.

25. 37% of women wear bikinis, and 17% wear shorts.

Without a doubt, shoes, a dress, and under it beautiful linen – the key to your success next year!

Is there no time in the pre-holiday chores?

Then send your man for a gift certificate or hint that nothing new has appeared in your underwear cabinet for a long time.

It can be a set of the finest lace, a weightless shirt made of silk or satin pajamas, or maybe it will be something daring and bold of erotic lingerie.

Underwear is always nice to buy and receive as a gift, and the New Year is just such a day on which even adults want to believe in miracles!

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