Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows perfectly well that even the most sophisticated elegant outfit will not look 100% if the wrong underwear is chosen. The harmony…

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How to choose your own underwear
1. You can determine your actual linen size at This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site…

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From the history of lingerie: garters and belts
The history of things stores many interesting, unusual and, sometimes, funny facts about a variety of things and events. And lingerie is no exception. Here, for example, the intimate detail…

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The first association with everyday underwear is minimalism: a minimum of seams, jewelry, fasteners and more. Most often, girls have to choose between beautiful and comfortable. But rag shapeless bodices and underpants are long in the past, because now the range of stores is replenished with more compromise models that look nice and do not cause discomfort during daily use.

As you know, your well-being and self-confidence can depend on the quality and size of the laundry. Therefore, you need to choose such an important element of the wardrobe very carefully. Good underwear should be made of natural materials, pleasant to the body, with a minimum number of seams, and most importantly – in size. Too big will cause a lot of inconvenience while wearing, and small even will cause harm to health.

Choosing the right bra size is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you buy it without trying on. The cup size may fit, and the chest circumference will be too small or vice versa. To choose a beautiful and comfortable bra in size, you must take measurements from yourself and, if possible, try on it. The main rule of linen for every day is comfort. Therefore, discard bodices with abundant foam, push-up and fixed metal bones. Of course, softer models, preferably similar to sports tops (encapsulating or compression), would be ideal for daily wear. They, unlike many boneless bodices, can provide sufficient support even for a large breast, and no part of the body in the bra area will be transferred or rubbed.

But if you want a more piquant and beautiful underwear, then you can also do without sacrifices and buy a seamless lace or smooth bra. Such options will look very gentle and feminine. True, this model will not be able to support large breasts.

If you order in an online store, then purchase the goods from trusted distributors that guarantee quality. After all, a carelessly stitched bra of even the correct style may be unsuitable for use. Please note: good sites have their own online consultant, with whom you can consult with regard to models and sizes, if in doubt.

Many girls love bright bras and underpants with drawings, jewelry, bows or rhinestones. But for frequent use they are not suitable, as they are impractical. Casual underwear should be versatile. By the way, black and white bras, which many consider “must have” of each girl’s wardrobe, are actually absolutely not suitable for every day. The outfits you always wear are different, and colored items can peek out from under your clothes, which is a bad manners.

To choose a white top – a white bodice and to combine in this way any other colors is also absolutely pointless. And even worse, when vice versa: the top of the dress contrasts with the linen underneath.

Many try to combine the color of a bra and clothes, but more often the intimate element of the wardrobe is visible. Leave beautiful underwear for special days, and for every day choose a neutral skin tone, a model with a minimum of jewelry, a strap and relief on the cups. which will be almost invisible under the clothes of any style.

A set of lingerie is beautiful, sexy and very feminine. Of course, every day it is better not to wear thongs and a tight bra, because otherwise you will be uncomfortable. The best solution is the classic “slip-ons” and a seamless bra.

Short description of the product “Bra without foam 161 peonies”
Bra without foam rubber on frames (bones) of flesh-colored. The bones are made of hypoallergenic material. In such a bra without foam rubber, your breasts look round, upbeat and sexy. Super-comfortable underwired bra that’s just great for a large size. The upper part of the cups is trimmed with elastic lace. Cups with a classic T-seam and side trim. A very comfortable model of bra on frames for every day, as well as the exit. There is a lateral imitation of the bone, which holds the sidewall firmly and prevents it from folding when worn. The volume is made of a dense, non-stretch material, which creates additional support.

Short description of the product: Bra with half-foam 640 milk / rib
Comfortable cream stripy bra with half-foam. A bra with a half-foam cup, the upper part is made of dense elastic lace, and the lower part is made of a material pleasant to the body (either smooth with a pattern or with a beautiful textured pattern). On the inside of the foam rubber – 100% cotton. Cups with an oblique seam that helps to collect the chest well and provides stable support. Forms a beautiful neckline.

Each representative of the fair sex knows that when choosing underwear it is necessary to take into account many different nuances. For example, when buying a bra, it is important…


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