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This article of our blog will be extremely useful for the ladies who have magnificent forms. Here we look at the different types of corrective underwear and how to wear each one correctly.

If nature has awarded you a full figure, this is not a reason to forget about beautiful underwear. Nowadays, many brands offer abundance kits in abundance that focus only on the merits of forms, hiding their flaws.

To choose a suitable corrective bra, shorts or other thing, it is very important not to lose the size. In an unpleasant situation, you either will not achieve the desired fit effect, or you will experience inconvenience in the form of rubbing and other discomfort. Moreover, a too tight kit can be harmful to your health.

In most cases, the underwear is presented in flesh and black. Therefore, consider this factor when choosing: for example, if you wear translucent clothing, flesh-colored, beige tones are preferred.

You should also know that now there are a lot of types of these items of clothing. And they are divided according to the part of the body that you would like to hide or emphasize. Volumetric breasts, a slender tummy, toned hips – many women dream about it. And with corrective underwear, it all becomes a reality! For each of these areas has developed its own draining element of the wardrobe. We will consider them below.

Belly Zone
Unfortunately, not all girls boast a slim waist. But there is a sure way to hide a similar problem. Clothing designers have developed a number of devices that can make your tummy flat and fit. But first, we will deal with the main types of tightening by its intensity.

Women with a small waist volume will have a fairly easy degree of adjustment. Her “representatives” are high-waisted tights or panties with an additional wide elastic zone on top. The average level of tightening provides for more significant changes in the silhouette, so it is suitable for girls who are somewhat fuller. And the highest – third – degree is used less often than the others, since the frequent use of such linen is fraught with negative health consequences, for example, circulatory disorders.

The most common elements of the wardrobe for the “tightening” of the abdomen are corsets, belts, “graces” and body. Each of them gives your waist a beautiful shape, making this zone more slim. And the principle of action of such underwear is that it “raises” all undesirable volumes, due to which the tummy looks fit.

This area of ​​the female body is considered one of the most problematic. What does this apply to both the external and internal sides of the hips. Therefore, the most appropriate in this case will be special shorts or knickers. They also vary in degree of adjustment, similar to underwear for belly tightening. Models for hiding such hated “ears” also belong to this category. Just choosing the right kind and size, you get the desired effect, and your hips visually become slim, and buttocks – elastic.

This result is achieved thanks to the special composition of corrective underwear. Having in its composition a share of lycra, such a piece of clothing is able to maintain its elasticity for a long time, and therefore – effectiveness. So the slimming sets are a reliable “assistant” for every woman with “non-standard” forms. There is another nuance: you should avoid models that contain nylon, since this material does not properly affect the skin. This is especially true here, because the intimate zones of a woman are even more sensitive than the skin of other parts of the body. Thus, if you are attentive to the composition of the purchased linen, then its subsequent use will bring only a positive result!

Inflated shorts or underpants, body, combinations or corsets will serve as an excellent solution to the problem. It is very important to try to choose a seamless corrective underwear that will be as invisible as possible. After all, the side zone is always “in sight”, and therefore “invisible models” here will be very helpful.

Many girls, in pursuit of the elegance of forms, buy underwear for a couple of sizes smaller, believing that the effect in this case will be more pronounced. This is not at all the case: in this case, you will only subject yourself to discomfort, and the desired result will not be obtained.

For one reason or another, many women are not satisfied with their own bust. But special bras will always help to adjust the neckline. They will lift their breasts, as the owner wishes. A push-up bra can even visually add volume to a bust. In general, the current choice of models is quite diverse and is able to satisfy the most unusual requests.

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