When choosing wardrobe items, it is important to consider many criteria. Tips for choosing underwear for women will help you find a bra and panties that fit perfectly on the…

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Health is Above All! In the cold season, in winter or early spring, it is very easy to catch a cold and get sick. In order to be fully armed…

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There is nothing worse than a comfortable molted bra syndrome when you wear underwear only to support, cover and protect these places from the cold! Do not consider that magnificent…

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If you want to surprise your girlfriend, give her underwear. It is not worth explaining once again that such an intimate gift is possible only with very close relationships with a person.

You need to bring a present in the right setting. If, on the occasion of your lover’s name day, guests come and take turns giving presents, this is not suitable for you. An intimate gift requires an appropriate atmosphere, so it is better to present it in advance tête-à-tête.

Every man wants to make his lover happy, surprise, surprise, show his attention to his beloved. Underwear is just such a gift. However, most of the stronger sex is lost and does not know by what criteria the choice is made.

Do not worry and do not despair, and most importantly – do not refuse such an exciting presentation. Imagine how your chosen one will be happy when she sees your relationship. In fact, choosing women’s underwear is no more difficult than coming up with what to give. But you already have an idea. And she is wonderful!

When choosing, you must take into account the preferences of the girl (well, yours, of course, too), her type of figure, breast size. Gift lingerie should be both practical and beautiful: then it can become a favorite set. Some models complement the outfit. In catalogs and at shows you can see beautiful straps, alluringly looking out from under the dress, the so-called dessous-dessus. And tops and corsets can be worn both as elements of underwear and as separate clothes. The choice depends on the general style of the woman and the purpose of the clothes – for sports, for every day, for special occasions.

Choosing the right size
This is perhaps the most important parameter. If you do not guess with the size of your underwear, it will be impossible to wear it. Therefore, you have to be smart and discreetly peek the size of the panties and bra that are in the wardrobe of your beloved.

The size of the bra, as a rule, consists of Latin letters and numbers (example – 65 V). The letter is the size of the bra cup, the number is the volume under the chest. As for panties, either alphabetic (XS – XXXL) or numeric designations (42 – 56) can be used. All information must be recorded so that when choosing a kit, you can either independently choose a model with the same parameters, or provide data to a store consultant.

Some sizes are interchangeable. If a woman wears a 80C bra, models 85B and 75D may be suitable for her. It is possible that their landing will be even better. These are the so-called parallel dimensions. However, these are subtleties in which you can get confused. The most important rule: it is important that the man “takes” the sizes from the linen that his woman wears right now, and not the one that she wore three years ago.

A win-win option is to buy black or white underwear. However, for sure in your wardrobe your beloved one already has such sets. If you want to present an original gift, there is something to think about.

Start with your lover’s hair color. She’s blonde? Brunette? Blonde girls are best suited for a soft, light pastel palette. This feminine gamut is naturally able to emphasize the beauty of blond hair. Too dark color will distract attention from the face.

For brunettes, dark saturated color is the best option. In a dark green or red bra and panties, the lady will be truly irresistible. For red-haired women, blue, turquoise or green underwear is a wonderful gift.

You can focus on eye color. Blue-eyed girls are ideally suited with sets of blue palettes – from sky blue and azure to dark blue. This is a very wide range. Green-eyed look great in green or a combination of green and red. Most lucky brown-eyed beauties. Almost any color suits them. Skin color also plays a role. Dark ladies are better suited for dark underwear, for women with fair skin – sets of pastel colors.

When choosing, you should give preference to linen made from natural materials. However, you should consider the lifestyle of your lady of the heart. If she is actively involved in sports, and you give a set for training, then one hundred percent cotton is not an option. Cotton items absorb moisture heavily and become heavy. It is better that underwear for sports contains elements of synthetics (polyester, elastane). In other cases, silk, cotton, lace – a wonderful option, because the body in such clothes breathes.

Packaging underwear depends on how you are going to present it. After all, you can choose a minimalist option and a little carelessly, but gallantly, as if by chance, to get the kit out of your jacket pocket in an intimate atmosphere.

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