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To date, women’s panties are presented in a huge assortment of a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine the ideal option. After reading this article, you will find out which panties to choose depending on your physique, features of cut and material of underwear, as well as how to determine the size correctly.

The answer to the question of how to choose women’s briefs according to the figure depends on the type of silhouette. Fashion designers usually distinguish four forms: “pear”, “apple”, “hourglass” and “rectangle”. Given the features and problem areas of each type, you can choose panties that will bring the figure closer to the ideal.

“Pear” (narrow hips, small bust, wide hips). The main task when choosing clothes is to visually narrow the lower body. For this, shorts, slips and Brazilians of dark shades are suitable. But thongs will give extra volume.
“Apple” (lush chest and hips, wide waistline). It is necessary to highlight the waist. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to tight-fitting female panties with a high rise, which tighten the stomach and lift the buttocks. You can also wear a bikini. It is better to refuse understated models.
Hourglass (chest and hips are approximately equal in volume, the waist is narrow). Almost any model of panties will do well: shorts, slips, thongs, tango.
“Rectangle” (the waist is almost not expressed, the same width as the shoulders and hips). To shift the emphasis from the waist, you should choose panties with a high rise and various decorative elements (embroidery, lace).

It is important to know what models of women’s panties are, as this will simplify the choice of a certain type of underwear.

Here are the names and descriptions of the most popular types of women’s underpants:
Knickers – completely cover the legs to the knee line, can be free, tight, seamless, dragging, insulated.
Slips – up to the middle of the thigh, cover the buttocks, the waist can be understated and normal.
Thongs – in the form of a triangle of fabric in front and a narrow strip at the back, perfectly fit tight-fitting clothes, as they are almost invisible on the body.
Shorts – closed models with the lower part, which looks almost like a horizontal line, visually lift the buttocks.
Brasiliana – differ in narrowed front part, on the sides are often equipped with lace inserts, visually lengthen the legs.
Tanga – the front and rear parts are made in the form of triangles and are interconnected by fabric strips or elastic bands.
Dewan-terrier – front and back are narrowed and extended upward.
Many manufacturers today sew women’s pants from a wide variety of materials – both natural and synthetic. Of course, before buying underwear it is important to decide which material is better, because comfort and hygiene directly depend on the type and texture of the fabric.

The most practical and pleasant for the body natural material is cotton. It has excellent hygroscopic properties, excellent air permeability and does not cause irritation. In addition, cotton panties keep their shape perfectly, easily wash and do not fade with time.

As for synthetic fabrics, polyester is especially popular today. It has good wear resistance, does not fade, does not wrinkle and does not “sit down” after washing. Mesh elements for decorating panties are made from it.

No less famous is the elastane, which is often used in combination with cotton – it increases the strength of the linen, and also prevents the loss of shape.

It is very important to know how to choose women’s panties in size, as this is a guarantee of convenience, freedom of movement and impeccable appearance. Properly selected underwear will not appear through clothes, wrinkle or rub the skin, impair blood circulation in certain parts of the body.

How to determine the size of women’s underpants? Very simple: by measuring the volume of the hips and waist, and then comparing the data with the information in special tables. Please note that modern manufacturers can use one of three options to indicate the size of underwear: European, Russian or American standard. Ideal underwear never crushes and does not fall, the transition between the edges of the panties and the body is smooth, without folds of skin or fabric.

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