How to choose your own underwear
1. You can determine your actual linen size at This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site…

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Many women know firsthand that certain sets of underwear are best worn for appropriate occasions. A modern assortment allows girls to be “fully armed” in any situation, including at a…

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From the history of lingerie: garters and belts
The history of things stores many interesting, unusual and, sometimes, funny facts about a variety of things and events. And lingerie is no exception. Here, for example, the intimate detail…

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Today, a bra can be safely called the fundamental detail of a female intimate wardrobe. With the help of a properly selected bra, you can easily adjust the shape of the chest and emphasize all the advantages of the figure without much difficulty. And, most importantly, a good bra is able to positively affect the self-esteem of a woman, allowing her to feel beautiful and sexy.

Each woman is unique, therefore, it is simply impossible to recommend a universal bra model that suits everyone. Fortunately, in modern collections you can easily find the most diverse modifications of such an important wardrobe item. According to the generally accepted classification, there are several types of bras:

with a molded cup (created from foam rubber, have a smooth rounded shape, are rightfully considered a classic option);
with a soft cup (perfectly support the chest, without causing discomfort and without creating a greenhouse effect);
contour (help, if necessary, adjust the shape of the bust);
seamless (relatively new models, sewn from elastic and well-permeable material, due to which they are practically not felt on the body).
Such types of bras as bustier, bracelet and silicone are also quite popular, but they are intended only for certain types of clothing. Each of these types of bras can have absolutely any design and shape of a cup.

Designers do everything in order to create not only beautiful, but also comfortable bras in which women can feel great throughout the day. Therefore, you can easily choose a bra design depending on the individual characteristics of the figure and goals.

For example, the most common option is underwire models – they provide maximum breast support, but at the same time, some women say that they sometimes feel discomfort. In such a situation, it is worth giving preference to pitted bras: due to the wide comfortable straps and a special cut, they perfectly support the bust.

Brassieres with straps are very popular, but alas, they are far from suitable for all clothes, so strapless models have also become incredibly popular. In order to provide optimal breast support even in the absence of straps, bras are sewn from very dense fabric. Also, such models usually have bones and a molded cup. But the ideal option, of course, are models with removable straps – this is convenient and also eliminates the need to purchase several different products. Another important design detail is the clasp. As a rule, it represents a triple row of hooks, but sometimes other variations are also possible, for example, the so-called “double heck”. The bra can be fastened both in the back and in the front.

The type of bra cup is one of the main points that you need to pay attention to. The following models are among the most popular types of cups:

Classic. The cup is large and completely closed, which provides excellent support for the bust and is suitable for women with any breast size.
Balcony. One of the sexiest options, as the top edge of the cup goes very low and completely opens the upper chest. It supports very well, but it does not suit ladies with curvaceous forms.
Angelica. The cups of the bra open the chest strongly, actually covering only the nipples. This model is perfect for a dress with a large neckline or for romantic meetings.
Push up. Such cups can have a different shape, but in any case, at the bottom there is a seal made of foam rubber, silicone or gel, due to which the breast is lifted and visually enlarged by a couple of sizes.
Minimizers. Visually reduce breast volume, which is an excellent option for women with a large bust.

A wide variety of materials can be used for sewing bras. Of course, experts recommend giving preference to natural fabrics, for example, cotton or silk, but high-quality modern synthetics are sometimes not inferior to them. For example, you can safely make a choice in favor of models of their elastane or nylon. Also, satin, viscose and lace are often used as basic materials for sewing. The latter can act both as a basis and as a decorative element.

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