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The information in this blog will be very useful for every woman. In our article, we will consider the basic tips for wearing and choosing a bra.

Many girls are sure that wearing a bra around the clock prevents the breast from premature sagging, explaining that the bra supports it. Of course, most manufacturers of lingerie support this theory, which cannot be said about medical specialists. According to physiologists, the chest in any case is deformed, regardless of its size. And all because the very origin of this phenomenon is explained not at all by the lack of support, but by muscle weakness and insufficient skin elasticity. As you can guess, a bra here will not save the situation. And some studies even argue that its constant use only accelerates the development of the problem. Of course, when it comes to improperly selected underwear.

Therefore, so that you can avoid such consequences, here are a few basic rules for choosing and wearing this element of a women’s wardrobe.

First of all, you can’t fasten your bra too tightly or loosely. In the first case, you risk transmitting blood vessels, which will inevitably cause damage to health and well-being. In the second situation, you simply will feel discomfort, and there will not be a special “supportive” effect. The principle is similar in relation to straps.

As for the cups, here size is fundamental. After all, if you wear a bra that is too small in this regard, your chest will be constantly in a squeezed position, which will negatively affect its condition. And in too large cups it will literally “drown”, which is undesirable from an aesthetic point of view.

These rules are pretty generalized. Further, we will consider in more detail issues related to the use of a bra at home, in particular during sleep.

The topic is quite important, because many girls mistakenly believe that wearing this type of underwear at night is completely harmless and even vice versa, supposedly helping the breast to remain “in shape”. But this is not so at all. Mammologists practically unanimously say that such a measure only harms your health, and this happens for a number of reasons:

Any fetter clothing that restricts freedom of movement and sleep is unacceptable. It concerns bras as well. The thing is that under such conditions the body cannot fully rest. It also prevents the skin in such an intimate zone from “breathing”.
Many models can adversely affect the lymph nodes and blood vessels located in this area. And since breast growth occurs up to twenty-five years, many girls are prone to improper breast formation. Recent studies show that this is one of the causes of certain diseases in this area.
Feeling of general discomfort can lead to sleep disturbances, which also does not represent anything good for your body.
In this regard, experts strongly do not recommend wearing a bra before bedtime. An exception can only be the owners of large busts.

If you are an ardent fan of this element of underwear, then for you there are several options that you can wear most of the day.

The first among them is a sports top. He reliably supports the chest, which is very useful for any active actions, for example, during home cleaning or performing physical exercises. Another advantage is useful in this situation: a sports sconce absorbs moisture well, so any discomfort during sweating is excluded. And the chest area in such a topic will not suffer from overheating.

Since most of these models are made of natural materials, the bra will not retain heat, which is important in the hot season.

The absence of hard and solid elements makes this garment very comfortable. Repeating all the contours of the body, it is firmly fixed in the desired position, without rubbing or pressing with “bones”. Also, the sports top is quite elastic, so it is easier to choose the right breast size.

There are other bra variations that you can wear at home. These are models with soft cups that do not have “stones” and special T-shirts with breast support. Their advantages are similar to the advantages of sports sconces: they are also comfortable and practical. There is perhaps the only factor that distinguishes them from the aforementioned tops – soft bras do not fit so tightly on the body. Therefore, such lingerie is more suitable for conducting ordinary everyday household chores that do not require high physical activity.

Although all these types of bras are quite comfortable, it is not recommended to wear them around the clock. And if you follow all the tips from our article, then your breasts will retain their shape and health for a long time.

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