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In order to feel comfortable and confident, girls need not only elegant outerwear. Each woman should have several sets of underwear for all occasions: for everyday wear, romantic meetings, sports. To choose not only beautiful, but also comfortable underwear sets, you must be able to accurately determine the appropriate size.

The lifestyle of a modern woman consists of many different situations: working, visiting a fitness club or pool, going outdoors, talking with friends, dating and thousands of other big and small things. Despite the fact that the lace set is very beautiful, it should not be worn for training, and comfortable sports panties and a seamless bra are unlikely to be appropriate during a romantic meeting with a loved one. If you want to be ready for any surprises that life presents, you will need several types of underwear sets. Many girls collect a whole collection of elegant fashionable underwear sets from well-known manufacturers, while others are guided by the principle of minimalism.

Specialists in women’s clothing recommend having several sets of underwear that make up the required minimum:

comfortable seamless (for sports and trips out of town);
beige, black and white smooth fabric (for every day);
luxurious lace or silk patterns with embroidery (for dates).
Gradually, you can buy original beautiful things that are ideal for specific clothes: a dress with a deep neckline, a strapless sundress, a funny asymmetric T-shirt or your favorite T-shirt.

It is generally accepted that sexy underwear is an indispensable element of clothing, and you need to wear it every day. But in real life, many models may not be very convenient. A set of lingerie with stockings is incompatible with your favorite jeans, and sexy lace panties can irritate the skin in hot weather. Fashion legislators in everyday life prefer smooth comfortable bras and panties made of silk, viscose, cotton, polyester. A simple but perfectly breast-supporting bra would be a much better solution than a model with lots of lace ruffles. It will allow you to create the perfect breast line, will be invisible under thin translucent tissues. Only obsolete shapeless models from cheap fabrics should be avoided. And the quality products of famous brands, even in the absence of decorative elements, will look seductive.

If you are going to meet your loved one, you should wear erotic underwear. There are many charming outfits specially created by designers in order to emphasize feminine appeal. Underwear sets with a corset, belt, stockings will help to impress and make the meeting unforgettable.

When choosing a new thing, it is important to pay attention to a few points. First of all, the color of the erotic set should be in harmony with your color type. White fabric looks great on tanned skin, and the beauty of a body untouched by the sun’s rays is better emphasized by color varieties: red, turquoise, blue, chocolate. The shape of the bra also matters: one suits the most open balconies, the other – translucent, but completely covering the chest models. The lower part is recommended to be selected by the same principle, because thongs are not for everyone. Sometimes it’s better to cover up a few extra parts of the body than to flaunt obvious flaws.

Properly selected bra and panties do not leave marks on the skin and do not constrain movements. For a feeling of freedom and comfort, it is important to choose the right sizes of underwear. Girls who monitor their figure regularly take measurements of the main parameters: breast volume on the nipples, girth under the breast, waist and hips. These parameters can vary slightly during the year, and very often such changes require a change of wardrobe.

If you do not know how to choose the size of underwear, it is most convenient to use special tables. Knowing the fullness of the cup and the volume under the chest, it is easy to find the perfect bra. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the shape and location of the chest, so that you can not do without fitting. The same model will look differently on busts of the same size, but different in shape. When choosing sets of large sizes, it is better to give preference to models with wide straps and bones: they will provide better load distribution.

The lower part is usually chosen according to the volume of the hips, but in some models it is important to take into account the size of the waist, as well as body features. However, even if you are not well versed in notation, you can always get help from a consultant.

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In order to feel comfortable and confident, girls need not only elegant outerwear. Each woman should have several sets of underwear for all occasions: for everyday wear, romantic meetings, sports.…