Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows perfectly well that even the most sophisticated elegant outfit will not look 100% if the wrong underwear is chosen. The harmony…

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Invisible fashion: how to choose underwear by type of sexuality
The days when underwear was a wearable shirt and trousers have long passed, and now we are given such freedom of choice that it is just right to get confused.…

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Each representative of the fair sex knows that when choosing underwear it is necessary to take into account many different nuances. For example, when buying a bra, it is important…

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If nature has not rewarded you with a seductive third breast size, but you do not give up the dream of wearing a dress with a deep neckline, choose – save money for plastic surgery or choose a push-up bra. Of course, the second option looks more attractive: you do not need to risk your health, there will be no scars on your body, and even the linen is incomparably cheaper than the services of a modern clinic. In addition to special bras, properly selected clothes, accessories and physical exercises help improve forms. In this article we will talk about the most popular ways to correct breast size and consider the rules for choosing bras with a push-up effect.

Girls who are not satisfied with their own forms should reconsider their wardrobe, because clothes are one of the important sources of female attractiveness. A white blouse or a blouse with ruffles in the neckline will help to visually increase the chest. However, it is important to know the measure – if you go too far with bows and frills, you may seem infantile. As for the cut-out, it should have a U- or V-shape. The main rule of seduction: choose dresses and blouses with a moderate neckline so that your breasts are barely guessed.

You can increase the volume with the help of well-chosen jewelry. I have to say there is no massive jewelry – it looks rich, but reduces shape. To make the neckline look seductive, you should give preference to a thin chain with a miniature pendant. Regular physical exercises help to adjust the silhouette and not only visually, but actually increase the bust. This method is the most time-consuming and most productive. And it’s not necessary to go to the gym – it’s quite possible to train at home. According to the trainers, push-ups and exercises with dumbbells will help to form a beautiful bust (they can be replaced with water bottles).

The cultures of different countries have their own ideas about the ideal of physical beauty, but the rounded shapes of the chest, hips and buttocks are considered the main sign of female attractiveness almost everywhere. Every girl can become the standard today – just choose a bra that increases the size of the bust. The first push-up bras appeared in the 70s and immediately gained popularity. The peculiarity of such models is that they lift and support the chest, so that it seems more magnificent. It is a mistake to think that push-up is a bra stuffed with foam rubber. In fact, there are special tabs made of silicone or fabric inside it, and a woman can choose whether to leave them or remove them.

Push-up bras are suitable not only for girls who dream of a large and sexy breast, but also for those whom nature has awarded with curvaceous forms. The push-up in this case is needed in order to raise the bust and make it even more seductive.

The choice of any bra should be approached with special attention, since not only the beauty of the forms, but also health depends on the quality of this variety of underwear. The model should be comfortable, made of natural materials, not restricting movements. Push-up bras are presented on the market in a large assortment, according to the level of breast enlargement, they are divided into 3 types:

double with a soft cup – make the bust elegant and expressive;
triple with additional inserts – significantly adjust the volume;
super push-up – add up to two sizes.
Good support for the bust is provided by bandeau and empire bras, additional volume appears due to silicone inserts. Plus, such models in a wide elastic band hiding unwanted folds on the back. There are push-up bodices without stones and inserts, they are soft, comfortable and safe. Among the new products on the market are gel bras that completely repeat the shape of the chest. If you want to push-up under a dress with bare shoulders, choose strapless models.

A bra designed for breast augmentation can be worn daily only provided that it is comfortable, does not squeeze, and does not restrict movement. To understand whether the model is suitable in size, during the fitting you need to make a couple of active movements of the hands, bow down, take a deep breath and check if there are any marks on the skin. A push-up bra should not squeeze the mammary gland, otherwise serious health problems can occur. You should not choose bras that are too large, as flying straps and loose elastic on the back will cause discomfort. As for the materials of manufacture, it is better to give preference to silk, cotton or viscose. Recall that even a perfect bra should not be worn longer than 12 hours in a row.

Today, a bra can be safely called the fundamental detail of a female intimate wardrobe. With the help of a properly selected bra, you can easily adjust the shape of…


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