When updating your wardrobe, do not forget about the intimate elements of clothing. If you want to buy fashionable underwear from the collections of 2017, it is worth deciding on…

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Here it shakes, there it subsides: typical mistakes when choosing underwear
Underwear is a delicate topic: not all women have relationships with the most intimate part of the wardrobe that go smoothly. Buying beautiful and comfortable underwear is sometimes the same…

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Each representative of the fair sex knows that when choosing underwear it is necessary to take into account many different nuances. For example, when buying a bra, it is important…

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Sleep is an integral part of the life of any person. It is during this period that our body regains strength and stores energy for a new day. The quality of sleep is affected more by the number of different factors, but one of the most important points is the choice of the right clothes.

What is more important – the beauty of clothing or comfort? Many girls ask this question, but knitted T-shirts meet both requirements. Modern designers and manufacturers offer a lot of options designed for any age, complexion, individual characteristics of the figure and aesthetic preferences. The variety provides not only cut or coloring, but also the types of materials, the original decorative finish. In jerseys from knitwear will be comfortable both in winter and in summer, and a variety of designs will allow you to choose a classic or flirty modern model.

When it comes to a nightie for sleeping, the key selection criterion is comfort, and only then the look and design features. A peculiar classic of these elements of the wardrobe are nightgowns, long shirts on the floor, as well as more frank, provocative models with deep cuts of lace and frills. Nowadays, loose knit shirts have become a popular trend.

The choice of a T-shirt should be based on several important criteria:

natural manufacturing material (preferably cotton or silk, fabrics with the addition of polyester);
free size, spacious cut, not restricting movements;
lack of hard seams and decorative elements that can cause discomfort and irritate the skin during sleep.
Often, knitted shirts for sleeping are sold complete with comfortable shorts, peignoirs or bathrobes, which can be combined depending on individual wishes.

The undoubted advantage of knitted T-shirts is versatility and functionality. The material is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, hygienic, air permeability. Waking up at night, you can safely go into the kitchen with a glass of water, and at the same time you will look elegant. And in bed you can toss and turn and change your posture as much as you like: things do not have to be corrected.

As a rule, T-shirts are sewn from the so-called linen variety of knitwear, in the production of which cotton-lavsan fabrics are used, as well as a plated fabric, one side of which is made of silk thread, the other – from cotton.

Many girls mistakenly believe that the size of a night T-shirt is not significant. However, there are certain “pitfalls” in this regard. Before buying a knitted T-shirt or nightie, you need to clarify the parameters of your figure, the characteristics of the fabric, its strength and elasticity. As with any other clothing, several standards are used to determine the size of shirts: international, Russian, European, Asian.

Very often, the choice of size also depends on the style. It should be remembered that when buying clothes for sleeping, all measurements are taken on top of the laundry, so you need to stand upright, and the posture should not change. When choosing, you need to focus on the usual size of casual clothes. Measure on the shoulders and chest. If you want the shirt to be more free, it is best to take the model a size larger (if the style allows).

Many girls have repeatedly wondered where to buy a quality T-shirt, which will be comfortable to wear, will have an attractive appearance and will not fade after several washings.

One of the most familiar and classic options are clothing markets and shops. Their indisputable advantage is a wide range of different models, low prices and, importantly, the opportunity to try on clothes before buying. More refined and expensive models can be bought at specialized lingerie stores.

An alternative to the markets are online stores that also sell lingerie, clothing and accessories. Of course, in this case it is impossible to try on a new thing before buying, and many are afraid to buy a “pig in a poke.” However, the most advanced trading floors meet their customers and offer a courier delivery service with the possibility of return if the model does not fit in size and other parameters. This is convenient because you can make purchases without leaving your own home.

The most effective method is to search for a suitable T-shirt both on the Internet and in an offline store. After you find the best option, you will be able to consider various price offers and determine the final place of purchase. It is also important that the seller provides an official guarantee on the goods, as well as a refund in the event of a defect.

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