Modern underwear is not just an important element of a women's wardrobe, it is also a great opportunity to slightly adjust the figure, hiding its flaws and emphasizing the merits.…

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Men's underpants are the most necessary part of the wardrobe. If a shirt can be replaced with a T-shirt, and pants with shorts, then underwear is irreplaceable by anything, unless,…

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Here it shakes, there it subsides: typical mistakes when choosing underwear
Underwear is a delicate topic: not all women have relationships with the most intimate part of the wardrobe that go smoothly. Buying beautiful and comfortable underwear is sometimes the same…

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When choosing women’s underwear, it is important to pay attention not only to its beauty, but also to quality. And for this, it’s worth understanding the features of the production of bras: the selection of materials for sewing, the ways to create cups of various kinds and other nuances.

When developing models, designers think through the style of each of them in detail, taking into account the fact that the product should support the chest well and provide the maximum level of comfort.

Every detail of this type of women’s underwear plays an important role. For example, the side should support the bust, and its height affects the degree of fixation of the chest. The back and side elements, as a rule, are made wide enough so that when worn, the model does not cut into the skin and does not rub. Also, these details affect the fit of the model and provide additional support for the bust.

Particular attention is paid to the development of bra straps: if they are wide and simple in terms of design, then the main purpose of such straps is to support the chest. But thin and delicate lace straps (most often, removable) are one of the elements of the model’s decoration. It is important to have strap length adjusters, which allows you to “adjust” the linen depending on the features of the physique.

By the way, do not think that good underwear is made exclusively abroad: Russian-made bras are also very high-quality and beautiful, but also affordable. At the moment, there are several dozen companies engaged in the manufacture of bras in Russia, and among the most popular of them include: Laete (it all started with an experimental workshop in Moscow, and soon the products of this brand became popular in many regions of the country), Palmetta (there are more than 150 branded stores in the Russian Federation this brand new), Kolett (production is located in St. Petersburg).

The question of what material bras are made of is very important, since the quality and level of comfort of products directly depends on the type of fabric.

Today, both natural and artificial materials are used for sewing bras, as well as with a mixed composition.

The most common types of natural fabrics include micromodal (natural viscose fiber from 100% cellulose) and cotton (vegetable fiber).

Popular synthetic materials are tactel (a type of polyamide fiber), polyamide and elastane, the latter is used only in combination with other materials. Also, many manufacturers of women’s underwear use plated fabrics when creating bras: their outer side is made of silk and the inside of natural cotton . Such products are distinguished by special beauty, wear resistance and hygiene.
Recently, a material with a special coating containing silver nanoparticles has been gaining more and more popularity. Due to silver, such bras have bactericidal properties.

A widespread system of sizes of cups of bras appeared in the mid-30s of the last century, and manufacturers still adhere to it. This parameter is marked with Latin letters from A to F (the number next to the letter means the circumference under the chest in centimeters).

In addition to size, manufacturers pay special attention to the type of bra cups; today there are models with:

dense (densified or rigid) cups – ideal for a bust of the correct form, which just needs to add a little volume, are made from several glued fabric layers;
soft (without stones or with stones) – for fans of the natural style, such cups can be of very different cuts and various shapes, perfectly and delicately fix the chest, suitable for sports;
seamless – made of thin elastic material, are solid, in the center the fabric is stretched according to a special technology, due to which it repeats the shape of the chest and looks as natural as possible.
Separately, it should be said about the importance of the shape of the seams on the bra cups. Depending on the direction, they can be vertical, diagonal and combined. The direction of the seams allows you to create models for women with different breast shapes. So, options with a horizontal seam are suitable for owners of a cone-shaped bust, a vertical one is narrow, and diagonal seams allow you to lift your chest.

Deep-cup bras designed to support a particularly lush bust are most often equipped with two perpendicular sutures. Knowing all the nuances and features of the production of this type of underwear, you can greatly simplify the choice of the optimal model, depending on the features of the physique. Remember that comfort and convenience are key, of course, combined with beauty.

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