How to choose your own underwear
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When choosing wardrobe items, it is important to consider many criteria. Tips for choosing underwear for women will help you find a bra and panties that fit perfectly on the figure and emphasize its merits. Choose underwear is necessary taking into account the style, type of fabric, season, fashion trends and many other factors.

The choice of intimate wardrobe items for women often comes down to determining the size of the bra and panties, but this approach makes them unable to emphasize the dignity of the figure and take care of health. What can lead to the wrong choice of women’s underwear, not everyone knows. Meanwhile, the list of consequences is quite large, and many of them are far from harmless.

The most noticeable effect of the wrong choice of bra and panties can be a decrease in attractiveness. Agree, the aesthetic feeling suffers when you look at women whose black lace shines through from a light blouse or dress. And no matter how much it is said that modern fashion completely allows you to put on a black bra under white clothes, this option looks messy.

Another mistake that can often be seen on city streets is the wrong choice of bra size. As a result, hollows from too narrow, cut into the skin of the straps may appear on the shoulders, and on the back – rollers. It is very easy to avoid such problems by correct measurement of sizes, but statistics show that about 70% of women are not able to choose the right size for panties and bras.

In addition to aesthetic factors, there are more serious consequences that directly affect health deterioration. Those who constantly wear a too tight bra are at risk of stagnation of blood circulation in the chest, leading to the appearance of serious diseases. In addition, pressure may increase, and this is already a rather dangerous condition.

The habit of wearing thin synthetic or silk underwear in winter and summer opens the way for colds, especially if the girl has a slender physique. Of course, it is not necessary to wear grandmother’s knickers with a pile, however, in the catalogs of modern manufacturers you can find many winter models of panties that allow you to maintain normal body temperature and at the same time look great.

In order to make the right choice, it is enough to listen to the advice of designers and fashion designers.

The invention of synthetic fabrics at first seemed the opening of the century: they could be given any color, products made from artificial materials were easily washed and quickly dried. However, subsequently, designers of many fashion houses almost completely abandoned pure synthetics and switched to the production of underwear from natural fabrics or materials, including additives of synthetic and artificial fibers.

Today, designers use different types of fabrics for underwear:

bamboo cloth;
wool (usually an admixture of other fibers);
Some companies use exotic materials derived from eucalyptus – leocell and tencell, which have a bactericidal effect and a surprisingly soft, velvety surface.

Manufacturers usually indicate from which fabric they sew underwear, because each variety has its own set of advantages. Some keep their shape perfectly, others provide maximum air access to the skin, others are incredibly pleasant to the touch, so that their panties and bras cling to the body. Very often, lace fabric is used – for underwear it serves as a decoration and an important element that provides good ventilation, which is very important in the summer months.

The choice of fabric is very important if you value not only beauty, but also comfort.

Enumeration of styles of underwear could take several pages. Brassieres and panties differ in several ways: the presence or absence of a push-up effect, openness, the ability to adjust the figure. Each variety of women’s underwear has its own set of styles. For example, there are several varieties of panties: tanga, thong, slips, tongi, shorts, as well as mini, mid and max models. There are even more styles of bras: from a balcony with detachable straps to comfortable all-cut sports bra models or popular models with underwire. They keep their shape perfectly and visually increase their breasts on foam rubber bras (you can get acquainted with the original models in the catalog of the Juria online store). When choosing a style, you should take into account the peculiarities of physique: for owners of a large breast, bras with bones are suitable, for girls with a modest size – push-up models. A small tummy will help hide the tightening panties or corsets. And to extend the legs will be easy, giving preference to panties, Brazilians.

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