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What are the models of bras?

The fair sex is well aware that there are no insignificant wardrobe items – every thing plays a role in creating a stylish and harmonious image. Women pay special attention to the choice of underwear, because not only the appearance, but also comfort directly depends on how correctly the bra is selected.

What are the types of bras?
Brassieres are an indispensable element of a women’s wardrobe, however, it is far from always possible to choose the most successful model correctly. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary not only to clearly know what types of cups of bras are, but also to conduct a thorough fitting. In addition, it is worth considering the cut and style of clothing for which the bodice is chosen.

Today, there are more than twenty types of bras, each of which has its own purpose. Modern bras not only support the breast, but also allow you to adjust its shape and even hide some of the figure flaws. But, despite the impressive variety of varieties, there are several of the most popular types of bras that should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

Classic bras are a great option for everyday wear. Such bras are distinguished by a closed cup with a small seal, which provides excellent support for the chest, so these models are very popular among women with a lush bust. Seamless options deserve special attention, they are ideal for any outfits.

A cup of classic bodices can be both soft and foam, but in any case it is better to give preference to products made from natural fabrics that allow the skin to “breathe”. Depending on the purpose, you can choose different types of classic closed bra: manufacturers offer both the simplest models without any decorations (ideal for tight-fitting clothes), as well as products with lace and embroidery.

Also among the most popular bras, it is worth highlighting the Angelica model, the cups of which cover the chest only half. At the same time, the straps are usually removable and widely spaced, which, combined with dense cups and hard bones, ensures perfect support for the bust.

According to experts, the Angelika bra is best suited for ladies with medium chest sizes, however, today you can easily find a push-up model that is ideal for owners of a small bust. However, this beautiful model does not quite suit the owners of a magnificent breast, in this case it is worth paying attention to the balconette bra, which is often called one of the varieties of “Angelica”. Often, in such products, a silicone strip is provided at the top of the cup, which provides additional fixation to the chest.

There are many types of bras of this type: for everyday wear simple options without decorative elements are suitable, and for special cases, products with elegant lace trim are perfect. To create “Angelica” bras, designers use a wide variety of materials, both simple cotton and satin products for every day, as well as original silk models are on sale.

A huge assortment of lingerie makes it easy to choose models for all occasions. So, for open clothing, a strapless bra would be an ideal option, in particular, the bando model is especially popular. Such bras are very comfortable, almost invisible and at the same time perfectly support the chest. The strapless bodice has a more rigid structure than other models; cups are also made from very dense material. However, such bras are not suitable for everyone, for example, they will not be able to provide sufficient support for a lush bust, so women with small or medium breasts should wear it.

In recent years, bando bras have become more and more popular, which look like a narrow top that covers only the chest. The bra can be both on the bones, and without them, with expressed cups or not, there are also models with a push-up effect. The bandeau bodice is simply indispensable if a woman wants to wear a dress with bare shoulders, in addition, some fashion designers suggest using such a bra as a separate item of clothing – it can be worn as a top in a set with a skirt with high waist.

Deep Plunge bras are another excellent lingerie option that you can safely put on under sexy dresses with deep neckline. Cups of such bras are triangular in shape and form a V-shaped neckline. At the same time, the model perfectly supports the breast due to hard bones, therefore it is suitable for the fair sex with any size of the bust. The choice of women’s underwear is not an easy task, in order not to make a mistake, you need to pay attention to many nuances.

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