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A woman should be perfect in everything – both in appearance and in a sense of style in clothes, and, importantly, elements of the wardrobe that are hidden under the clothes. Underwear is one of the most important aspects of the female image. Most men perceive it as a kind of gift wrap. That is why the selection of such elements should be treated with particular scrupulousness and attention, given the smallest details – from color and materials to style and decorative elements.

Every woman in her daily life prefers predominantly comfortable and convenient models, and when she has a date or a romantic dinner with her lover, she puts on something more elegant and exciting. Of course, no one wants to spoil the impression of the evening, because as we know, men primarily love with their eyes. Therefore, there is no need to disappoint them, especially since many people prefer to see a girl without anything at all.

According to the statistics of the polls, men prefer either monophonic models or bright, evocative colors such as red or burgundy. All kinds of decorative elements and a pleasant to the touch fabric attract attention.

As mentioned above, men admit that most of them like models in red or burgundy. And this is not surprising, because red has always personified the color of passion and its associated associations. A woman in red is perceived as passionate, sexually liberated, and self-confident, knowing how to please her beloved.

Black color is considered equally popular. Despite the well-established stereotypes, black, translucent underwear symbolizes romance. It is believed that girls with big ambitions, including sexual ones, prefer this color.

Many people prefer to see their girlfriend underwear perfectly white. It is worth noting that it is snow-white, and not faded and nondescript. At all times, white color symbolized purity and innocence, however, in our time, such qualities are much less appreciated, and white models are simply considered traditional classics.

More unusual shades of blue, green or pink colors excite men much less. Therefore, in this case, it is worth considering before buying and in no case do not think that your lover does not care what you are wearing.

Types of lingerie can differ not only in the material of manufacture, but also in the type of cut, as well as various decorative elements. The choice of style of underwear should depend on the specific situation.

It’s not a secret that men have a special passion for shorts and lace, and some prefer more frank models, for example, thongs. Men’s opinion regarding the style of underwear is very different and depends mainly on personal preferences. Someone prefers sports, seamless options, while others like translucent lace, peignoirs and candid, short robes. In addition, some people consider all kinds of bows, ribbons, ties, and stockings very attractive and sexy.

Do not forget about diversity. Therefore, it is recommended to experiment more often with fabrics, colors and styles. A woman who often changes the styles of underwear becomes more attractive and interesting for her man. It is also worth remembering that even the most beautiful model, creating discomfort in wearing, will not bring aesthetic satisfaction either to you or to your loved one. When choosing lingerie, it is worth focusing primarily on naturalness and comfort, because men like it when a woman not only wears beautiful lingerie, but also takes it off beautifully and at ease.

Silk, satin, chiffon and viscose, which have the distinctive ability to emphasize color, are considered the best fabric for underwear. Models made from traditional cotton fabrics are considered quite boring and homely. In addition, such a fabric should be pleasant to the touch.

No less attractive are lace patterns, considered a kind of classic, which is a symbol of sophistication and extravagance of style.

Experts do not recommend getting carried away with too exotic options with a large number of decorative elements, because this can distract a man from the most important thing. Therefore, before buying a particular model, it is best to inquire about the preferences of your lover so that such a surprise is an outrageous expected impression.

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