What is underwear for a modern woman? That which cannot be dispensed with. Firstly, this is hygiene, and secondly, independence and ease. And finally, the main thing is aesthetics. As…

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How to choose your own underwear
1. You can determine your actual linen size at herroom.com/know-your-breasts/Questions.aspx. This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site…

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What are the models of bras?
The fair sex is well aware that there are no insignificant wardrobe items - every thing plays a role in creating a stylish and harmonious image. Women pay special attention…

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Buying a new bra, panties, body, T-shirts and sets is not an easy task, because things should not only be stylish and beautiful, but also comfortable, as well as the most appropriate for the time of year. This article will give tips on how to choose underwear for the season of modern women, as well as discuss the fashion trends of 2017.

Any girl even in winter wants to look attractive and sexy in new underwear, since the cold season is no reason to deny herself the pleasure of wearing stylish and at the same time warm and comfortable things.

Of course, in severe frosts, thin thongs are not only inappropriate, but also uncomfortable: practical and comfortable maxi come to the fore. Seamless microfiber patterns not only warm perfectly, but also allow you to adjust the figure. And putting on a tight skirt or dress, you can not be afraid that underwear will be visible to others. Shorts, as well as high-waisted models, are also popular in winter.

It is better to choose bras for the winter in the style of minimalism, that is, with a smooth surface, without an abundance of lace and other decor. It is worth paying attention to options with foam and half foam.
The standard set of winter underwear for women is not only bras and panties, but also T-shirts and bodysuits. They provide additional comfort in cold weather and at the same time remain trendy for several seasons: the same body styles include many famous designers in their collections.

In early spring, bras and panties are practically no different from winter options, but for April-May, fashion designers offer a wide variety of models in certain styles.

In the spring-summer 2017 season, many designers when creating underwear were guided by the principle: things should be beautiful and at the same time comfortable, emphasizing all the charms of a female figure.

In fashion there will be such options:

sets of cotton, silk and satin in delicate shades with original prints (most often, floral);
extravagant models with ribbons, fringe and frills;
cotton bras and panties with lycra adorned with delicate lace;
seamless options consisting of slip-on panties and pitted bras with elastic bands and brand logo;
As for panties, in the spring of 2017, shorts and “slips” will be especially in demand, and thongs also remain relevant.

With the advent of summer, everyday clothes are becoming shorter and thinner, and therefore it is especially important to correctly choose summer lingerie. In the warm season, sets of cool and almost invisible silk are especially in demand. Fashion for underwear for the summer of 2017 is especially diverse. Fashion designers offer women the following options:

Black, white and red classics, as well as sets in ivory, champagne and cocoa. Especially popular in the summer of 2017 will be options in classic shades, but decorated with ribbons and embroidery in silver and gold colors.
Charming retro-style sets: pin-up bras and high-waisted panties. Such models (plain or with bright prints) perfectly emphasize the femininity of the figure and will surely appeal to all retro fans.
Refusal from thongs in favor of more comfortable models-shorts with a slightly high or low waist, especially seamless ones. Such panties are invisible under tight sundresses and skirts and at the same time very comfortable.
Panties from silk knitwear: according to designers, these models will be popular for several seasons in a row, and therefore you can safely buy several models for the summer of 2017.

In early autumn, many women, by inertia, have not yet given up on summer sets, but with the advent of cold weather one cannot do without acquiring comfortable and warm models. A variety of new collections of women’s underwear in the fall of 2017 are presented with stylish and at the same time comfortable sets with certain distinctive features.

So, fashionable panties for the fall of 2017 are models-shorts made of viscose and cotton with the addition of polyester. Brassieres are the most diverse, both without foam, and with foam, as well as push-ups.

Designers pay special attention to the shades of autumn sets. The options in the color of coffee with milk will be relevant – rather discreet, but not boring, since this shade is particularly elegant. Also, popular options include women’s underwear in powdery shades (almost the same as skin color). Such models look beautiful and at the same time practical, because they harmoniously combine with clothes of any color.

Lovers of bright colors will also be able to easily choose the appropriate option with interesting floral prints, polka dots or stripes.

And in conclusion: of course, it is necessary to take into account fashion trends. But the main thing is that in the selected kit you feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

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