Delicate fabrics fade prematurely and lose their appeal. Women who still do not know how to properly care for underwear will definitely agree with this conclusion. And the housewives, having…

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A delicate and intimate wardrobe item is more important than it seems at first glance - the convenience, health and even mood of a girl depends on it. Women's underpants…

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There is nothing worse than a comfortable molted bra syndrome when you wear underwear only to support, cover and protect these places from the cold! Do not consider that magnificent…

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Each representative of the fair sex knows that when choosing underwear it is necessary to take into account many different nuances. For example, when buying a bra, it is important to choose the right type of cup to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. There are a huge number of varieties of cups of bras, and each of them has its own advantages and features that must be taken into account when choosing.

Despite the huge number of varieties of bras, the most popular are the classic models with a closed cup – they are comfortable, practical and support the chest perfectly. This is especially true for women with a large bust. Among the more original options, which are also deservedly popular among the beautiful half of humanity, it is worth highlighting:

The balcony cup is distinguished by a horizontal neckline that extends slightly above the bust line, due to which the chest looks voluminous and slightly raised.
Demi – cups cover only the lower part of the chest, while the top is only 2-3 cm above the nipples, which allows you to achieve a beautiful hollow.
Push-up is ideal if your goal is to visually increase your breast volume. Especially popular with ladies with a small and medium bust size. At the bottom and sometimes on the sides of the cup there are special foam or gel inserts, which allows you to create a beautiful neckline.
With seams – such cups consist of several parts that are interconnected by vertical, diagonal or horizontal seams. Such models better support the chest, and for their manufacture usually use satin, lace, silk or high-quality synthetics.
Soft – they do not have forming parts, so these bra models are very convenient for everyday wear or for sports.
Cups for feeding – differ in the ability to unfasten the upper part, which allows you to feed the baby without removing the bra.
Many women often opt for a soft cup bra. As a rule, owners of a sufficiently large breast size prefer them, but in general, models of this type are suitable for everyone. At the same time, you can wear such a bra both daily and wear it only for special occasions – a wide variety of options makes it easy to choose both a simple and a more original option.

Among the main advantages of bras with a soft cup, it is worth highlighting its convenience – the chest is in its most natural position and is not fixed too tight, which allows women to feel as comfortable as possible. Some models are distinguished by simple cups, without any decorative elements, while others impress with a variety of decorations: lace, bows, embroidery and much more.

Brassieres with a soft cup can have a different design – they are produced both with bones and without them. In any case, thanks to high-quality tailoring, the bra will still perfectly support the breast, giving it a beautiful shape. In addition, many women like such models of underwear due to the fact that they are completely not hot and they do not squeeze the chest.

Another popular type of bra cups is push-ups. Thanks to special inserts, he lifts the chest, while slightly pushing it forward, visually making the bust more magnificent. The secret of this effect is also in a special cut of the cup – it has a fairly high stiffness and is often supplemented by a T-shaped or diagonal tuck that provides proper support for the bust.

To ensure the effect of a magnificent bust in push-up cups, foam or gel inserts are usually used. They can be either removable or sewn into the bra. Thanks to them, the breast can be visually increased by 1-2 sizes – this is the advantage of the model has long been appreciated by many representatives of the fair sex.

Another common option is cups with foam. Such models of bras also allow you to give the breast a beautiful shape and visually increase it. Despite the relatively high density of the product, the use of modern materials allowed manufacturers to achieve good breathability and maximum comfort.

Foam cups for bras can be either completely smooth or decorated with various decorative elements – such models are more suitable not for everyday wear, but for special occasions. In any case, when choosing the perfect bra, you should be guided not only by the latest fashion trends, but also by considerations of your own comfort. For everyday use, it is worth choosing simple and convenient underwear, and it is better to leave the original products for outings or for romantic dates.

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