The choice of panties and bras is the most enjoyable occupation that a modern young lady can only imagine when shopping. After all, the lovely little produced by manufacturers are…

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How to choose your own underwear
1. You can determine your actual linen size at herroom.com/know-your-breasts/Questions.aspx. This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site…

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This article of our blog will be extremely useful for the ladies who have magnificent forms. Here we look at the different types of corrective underwear and how to wear…

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Thanks to practicality, versatility and high comfort, swimming shorts have gained great popularity among consumers. Having such a thing, you get rid of the need to purchase separately swimming trunks and shorts for the beach. A stylish product, suitable in style and color, will allow you to feel comfortable and confident on the beach, yacht, board or board at the beach bar. This is ideal for outdoor activities and on land.


First of all, you need to decide on the cut: buy tight-fitting shorts or a model in which there is more room for maneuvering.

Stylists suggest focusing on physique. Adam Brown, founder of Orlebar Brown, states: “Always choose something that suits you. That too loose or too tight is not good. ” The maximum length of swimming shorts should be slightly above the knee, and the shortest – to the middle of the thigh.

Some tips for choosing a style:

it is better for owners of a corpulent figure to purchase a model with a vertical strip that visually slenders;
the higher the growth, the longer the shorts should be;
short shorts emphasize beautiful hips;
with low growth it is worth paying attention to products with vertical lines on the sides that visually “stretch” the body.

Current models of swimming shorts

Today the most popular are Bermuda shorts, boxers and family type.

Bermuda shorts – the longest model, looks equally good on any body, emphasizing strengths and hiding flaws. You can swim, sunbathe, play beach sports, and stroll along the promenade. Shorts provide the most free air exchange, are available in a variety of colors on the beach theme, with pockets and decorative elements.

Boxer shorts are a shortened mid-thigh version. Thanks to the tight-fitting style, the dignity of the figure is emphasized. They are made of quick-drying fabrics, made in a different design using decorative finishes and applications.

Shorts-families – designed for swimming and active beach holidays. very popular due to their high comfort and ability to hide some imperfections of the figure. This is the “golden mean”: semi-fitted style, shorter than Bermuda, but longer than boxers. Additional comfort is provided by an internal grid.

Comfortable little things

When choosing beach shorts, we advise you to pay attention to the presence of practical and convenient elements:

internal mesh, preventing the product from sticking to the body;
pockets for storing small items: keys, coins, etc.
reliable fasteners, laces, buttons, Velcro and more.


“When choosing a color, think about the tone of your skin,” say stylists. Light-skinned men are recommended shades of gray, dark blue, black, burgundy and olive green. Dark – more vivid colors: yellow, sky blue, light green, red, pastel, which will contrast remarkably with the skin.

Do not forget the fashion trends. For example, the trendy colors of this summer season are canary and purple. In swimming trunks of such a tone, the attention of those around you is provided. If you want to completely defeat everyone on the spot – take to the beach two pairs of swimming trunks for the periods before and after tanning.


Given that beach shorts are designed for swimming and a variety of relaxation by the water, they should be made of durable, wear-resistant, quick-drying and body-friendly textiles. These requirements are met today by modern artificial materials – nylon, and polyester, which are most often used in the manufacture of this clothing. Some models are made of mixed fabrics with the addition of cotton, which improves the hygienic properties of the product.

Prints and patterns

“The bolder, the better” – geometric, striped and photographic styles for instant summer updates are in fashion today. Of the features of this season, you should pay attention to shorts with digital prints, for example, a collection of satellite photographs Orlebar Brown with stunning aerial photographs of Abu Dhabi.

An alternative to catchy are products with a thinner radar pattern, in a slightly dark palette, for example, the Swiss brand Dan Ward, as well as many more affordable options, such as ASOS, Farah and River Island.

Bright tropical and Hawaiian colors continue to be relevant. From a completely new design – prints in watermelons, candies, exotic fish – they are chosen by confident men under thirty years of age.

Summer is in full swing and is approaching the long-awaited time when swimming, sunbathing, walking along the beach and sitting in a bar, lazily sipping an exotic cocktail from a straw, will be your main occupation. So it’s time to review your wardrobe and update some details of summer clothes, bringing them in line with the latest fashion trends.
So, if you have not yet fastened your suitcase, we offer you some tips on how to swim and relax in style this season.

Thanks to practicality, versatility and high comfort, swimming shorts have gained great popularity among consumers. Having such a thing, you get rid of the need to purchase separately swimming trunks…


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