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Choosing another panties for themselves, few people think about the danger that lurks in such an uncomplicated wardrobe item. Meanwhile, many doctors claim that male potency to some extent depends on underwear. Incorrectly chosen underbody can lead to diseases such as erectile dysfunction, deterioration of sperm quality, prostatitis, infertility. Menbox will tell you how to choose the models that are least harmful to sexual health in order to protect yourself from unpleasant diseases. As the famous English proverb says: “Forewarned – means armed!”

Choosing a Panty Shape: A Focus on Potency
Potency briefs – Menbox When buying underwear, a man most often focuses on the following parameters:

• prestigious brand;

• fashionable cut;

• trending design.

Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a series of studies on the effects of various factors on male sexual dysfunction. Participants between the ages of 18 and 56 provided samples of their semen and data on preferences in the underworld. The following cut options were considered: loose boxer-type briefs, swimming trunks (briefs), as well as bikinis – the narrowest model with a low fit.

The analysis was carried out according to several parameters:

1. sperm quality;

2. the total number of sperm in the samples;

3. concentration of seminal fluid;

4. level of hormones responsible for spermogenesis.

It was found that amateurs of “boxers” had a 25% higher sperm concentration and a 17% increase in sperm count. A low degree of enzymes that stimulate the production of seminal fluid indicated a normal process of spermogenesis, since an increase in hormones occurs when the scrotum is damaged by too narrow a linen.

Boxer Choice – Menbox

On the contrary, it was noticed: tight-fitting products prevent the flow of blood to the testicles, which causes an increase in temperature in the genitals and a decrease in sperm volume by 14%.

Thus, the main enemies of an erection were declared:

• very tight swimming trunks;

• a narrow version of the “boxers”;

• thongs.

Urologists do not recommend wearing such models regularly. The most useful form includes: spacious boxer shorts, the notorious “families” and daitres shorts.

“The main thing is that the suit is sitting”
Equally important for potency is the choice of the correct size of cowards. Doctors strongly advise buying products that do not interfere with blood circulation in the intimate area. They should not crash into the body or squeeze the genitals.

However, a too loose version of the underwear is not ideal: providing space, such shorts do not fix male dignity well, which harms sexual longevity. An indicator of correctly selected underwear is a comfortable feeling when walking.

An example of ideal shorts can be the anatomical boxers of the Man’s set brand, presented in our online store. They are created taking into account the structure of the male body, are equipped with a special portable pocket that allows the genitals to settle down naturally without touching their legs, excluding friction.

Cotton or Synthetics
The material for the manufacture of underwear is important both for a comfortable state of health and for the health of the reproductive organs. Sex therapists advise giving preference to shorts made of fabrics, which include the maximum percentage of cotton, linen or silk. The low content of artificial fibers improves the fit and wear of the wearer.

Panty Materials – MenboxThe advantage of natural underwear is:

• hygroscopicity and breathability;

• hypoallergenic;

• high thermoregulation;

• pleasant tactile sensations;

• high wear resistance;

• simplicity of leaving.

The choice of natural fabrics is not limited to cotton fibers. Today on sale you can find linen from fabrics made artificially from plant materials, for example, bamboo.

Synthetic fabrics are less preferable as linen, since they do not allow air to pass through well, cause itching and allergies, uncomfortable sensations in the intimate area, which harms potency. However, it should be noted that some modern artificial fabrics are close to natural in their properties and even surpass them in their lightness and air permeability properties.

Choose clothes by season
As well as outerwear, the lower should be selected depending on the season and weather. Thin synthetic underwear worn in the cold can cause serious health problems for men. The best option for cold weather is a special thermal underwear, characterized by increased thermal insulation properties. The summer version involves products made of the most lightweight fabric with good ventilation. This provides protection against hypothermia and overheating, which guarantees health and comfortable sensations all year round.

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