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The underwear boom of the Calvin Klein brand began in the 80s of the last century and was so powerful that the word “calvins” in the USA at that time began to mean the category of clothes – underpants. Despite the rapid emergence of new brands operating in this niche, the underwear with the CK logo remains the most bought in the world today. According to the popular independent online magazine on fashion and beauty, Buro 24/7, the brand is not going to give up its positions in the coming years and plans to increase sales to $ 12 billion a year.

The success of the brand has always been based on revolutionary decisions, whether it be the idea of ​​developing male sexuality or unisex clothing. Today, given the potential of new technologies in marketing, the corporation management decided to focus on the direction of digital promotion of goods, as the most promising way of sales.

In the Menbox online store, you can buy Calvin Klein underwear in a variety of designs. We offer stylish and comfortable products of this brand, characterized by a trendy design and impeccable quality.

Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Features

One of the most famous American fashion houses produces luxury products, the range of which is represented by clothing, perfumes, accessories and even furniture.

Underwear is one of the areas of the company and is produced under the brand name Calvin Klein Underwear. Its production began around the 70s of the last century, when a young talented reformer Calvin Klein made a revolutionary revolution in the fashion world, providing men with a completely new version of lingerie – relaxed and sensual.

Thanks to a special approach to creating models, a peculiar style, as well as successful, sometimes provocative, advertising projects, consumer interest in this brand does not subside.

What is the secret of the brand’s popularity, why for more than half a century Calvin Klein men’s underwear, including in Ukraine, remains the most coveted? The main success of the creations of the revolutionary fashion designer lies in the production of products of excellent quality and in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

The main factors that allow a brand to maintain leadership in the market are:

high quality fabric;
first-class tailoring;
comfortable style;
Fashionable design.

Fabrics and sewing quality

For linen Kelvin Klein uses a natural material containing a large percentage of cotton and a small proportion of polyester. Such a composition guarantees high hygienic properties, excellent breathability, pleasant tactile sensations and provides comfortable socks. Thanks to synthetic fiber, the desired elasticity and excellent appearance of underpants are achieved even after many washes and prolonged use, which is a kind of “chip” of SK brand products.

When creating linen, close attention is paid to overall quality. Perfect stitches, durable color, durable fabric are the main consumer characteristics of Calvin Klein products.

Comfortable fit

The choice of style in which maximum comfort is achieved is one of the key success factors for the brand’s linen products. Through the use of special technologies, SK underpants receive an anatomical shape, slightly hug the body, do not press, do not press and do not rub, do not create feelings of discomfort and heaviness. They emphasize the strengths of the figure, hide flaws, give sexuality to the image.

The most popular are boxers, presented in the form of short shorts covering the buttocks. This beautiful underwear belongs to the Calvin Klein 365 collection.


not visible under tight clothing;
have a slightly lowered waist;
can be worn under pants and jeans;
equipped with a wide elastic band for a comfortable fit;
provide sufficient freedom and space in the intimate area.
Other in popularity are briefs made in the form of classic shorts, covering only the inguinal part and buttocks. They are also planted on a wide and dense elastic band that provides perfect fit on the body.

Stylish look

Calvin Klein lingerie has a unique look that makes it recognizable, unlike models from other brands. Form, fabric, color, elastic band with a logo (brand’s calling card) – everything works to ensure that men from all over the world want to buy Calvin Klein underwear.

The color scheme is striking in its diversity. In addition to the black and white classics, the buyer is offered blue, blue, green, purple and even red models. Soft colors and shades allow you to choose the option in accordance with any clothing. Linen is sold individually and in sets, which makes it possible to immediately update your wardrobe or purchase it as a gift.

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