When updating your wardrobe, do not forget about the intimate elements of clothing. If you want to buy fashionable underwear from the collections of 2017, it is worth deciding on…

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How to choose your own underwear
1. You can determine your actual linen size at herroom.com/know-your-breasts/Questions.aspx. This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site…

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The choice of panties and bras is the most enjoyable occupation that a modern young lady can only imagine when shopping. After all, the lovely little produced by manufacturers are…

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Invisible fashion: how to choose underwear by type of sexuality

The days when underwear was a wearable shirt and trousers have long passed, and now we are given such freedom of choice that it is just right to get confused. Minimalist black or pink in lace? Thongs or seasoned retro style? Both that, and another, and the third! However, in order to really look one hundred percent, when choosing a set of underwear, you will have to take into account your type of sexuality …

Minimalistic black or pink in lace? Thongs or seasoned retro style? Both that, and another, and the third!
Passionate Carmen

Such a woman lives with emotions, and that’s it. A lover of stormy scenes, beautiful courtship and no less beautiful partings, she always attracts the attention of men and sometimes causes serious envy among women. Every day she seems to perform on stage, however, seriously in love, she is capable of the deepest and most sincere feelings. Carmen prefers rich colors, catchy jewelry, sensual makeup, but at the same time always knows the measure. Choosing a set of women’s underwear for Carmen is usually not difficult. She knows exactly what she wants and rarely when she exchanges black and red thongs for practical cotton panties.

“Brightness without a shadow of vulgarity” is her motto.

Miss Provocation

Minimalistic black or pink in lace? Thongs or seasoned retro style? Both that, and another, and the third!
This is a very controversial person. At the right time, he will easily pretend to be a naive fool, but on occasion he will never miss the opportunity to bring his interlocutor to clean water. Men adore her – for a lively mind, sense of humor and self-confidence. And because it’s never boring with her.

The Provocation woman prefers things with a twist, whether it is about clothes, accessories or underwear. Perhaps some of the sets of clothes that she chooses are not very practical, but they can also make an indelible impression on men, which, in fact, is necessary for the Woman Provocation.


Minimalistic black or pink in lace? Thongs or seasoned retro style? Both that, and another, and the third!
She prefers a minimum of parts that produce the maximum effect. He says “rarely, but accurately”, dresses modestly, but with taste. A minimalist always knows her goal and goes towards it in a direct way, whether it be a boss chair, a marriage proposal from a millionaire or a doctoral dissertation. And, which is characteristic, it always gets what it wants. Unless, of course, really wants it.

In the case of lingerie, a minimalist can be advised to stay true to her style and choose strict sets of linen from expensive, pleasant to the touch fabrics. Checked: resisting such elegant sexuality is hardly possible!

Tenderness and grace

Minimalistic black or pink in lace? Thongs or seasoned retro style? Both that, and another, and the third!
The girl who causes men the only desire is to take her to a magnificent palace and surround her with care until the end of her life. It gives the impression of an unearthly creature, fragile and defenseless. The impression is often misleading, however, the companion of our beauty’s life is completely optional to know about it.

Lingerie for a tender girl should, of course, be gentle! Peach and pink tones, soft fabrics, delicate lace. No panties in a camomile! Indeed, in modern realities, tenderness should go hand in hand with overt sexuality – only in this case it will be possible to conquer a man’s heart forever.

Fashion designers have invented models and variations on a wide variety of costume themes. So, the Velcro bra is perfectly held on the body, allowing you to wear luxurious evening dresses with an open back. A bra with a strap across the neck was invented for beautiful dresses with an American armhole. For those who like to show the shoulders in a bustier dress, they created a strapless bra, and special pads on the inside of the bra add a natural volume to your chest.

It is especially important for a modern woman who is actively involved in sports to choose good sportswear (just do not confuse with sportswear). Even for normal exercises, and even more so for aerobics, jogging and fitness, use a special sports bra with enhanced supportive effect to protect the connective tissue of the mammary glands from stretch marks and microtrauma.

There is nothing worse than a comfortable molted bra syndrome when you wear underwear only to support, cover and protect these places from the cold! Do not consider that magnificent…


Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows perfectly well that even the most sophisticated elegant outfit will not look 100% if the wrong underwear is chosen. The harmony…


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