Ideas about the ideal figure of the fair sex have changed over the centuries. And, accordingly, women's underwear regularly changed: the history of the appearance of these elements of the…

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Here it shakes, there it subsides: typical mistakes when choosing underwear

Underwear is a delicate topic: not all women have relationships with the most intimate part of the wardrobe that go smoothly. Buying beautiful and comfortable underwear is sometimes the same quest: it rubs here, falls there, does not hold here, and simply interferes with living. Many adult women openly hate bras, scornfully calling them “harnesses.” Someone, tired of rubbing underwear, generally ceases to wear it, others are trying to change something or put up with inevitability and discomfort.

My “revolution” in the subject of underwear
I want to tell a personal story that happened to me a few years ago. I never doubted that I wear the right underwear and know how to choose it, although I realized that it is often either uncomfortable, but beautiful, or ugly, but comfortable. But somehow, in the mirror of the fitting shop, I noticed that the breasts in clothes began to look worse — gravity and years took their toll — and went to the underwear store for a new set.

There I was completely disappointed. It turned out that the consultants are completely unable to pick up linen, but can only bring and take it from the dressing room. As a result, I still bought the kit, but I did not get the pleasure of wearing it and was not satisfied with the visual effect.

I began to study this topic more deeply, starting with the history of the development of underwear. It turned out that the cowards only appeared in 1924, before that women wore knickers (they were taken from the men’s wardrobe, by the way), in which there was no gusset. At all! In order to make it easier, the woman had enough to choose a lot of her skirts: there was no need to remove the trousers.

An excursion into history was revealed to me by the fact that a lot has changed in this area since my youth, for example, a new material came to the linen industry – elastane / lycra, and this was the very revolution that passed me unnoticed. Moreover, she went unnoticed and lingerie shops in the city!

Unfortunately, it turned out that most stores in Russia sell a dimensional ruler of linen that does not meet international standards: the top belt is defined in the old fashion as a linear girth of the volume under the chest in centimeters. It is this size of the elastic band of the bra that the consultants of linen styling advise to choose in the mass market. As if elastane had not yet been invented!

For example, for an average volume under my chest of 75 cm, like mine, I bought underwear of size 75. But this is fundamentally wrong! In fact, I need to choose linen for 10 centimeters already: 60-65 in volume, according to the English linen grid – 28-30 inches. But in Russian stores there simply isn’t such a size, the owners of the linen business do not buy such linen at world retailers, confident that there will be no demand for it, while this is the most common size. They just don’t know how to choose and wear it.

And all these conversations: “What’s yours, deuce? Five?”. Do you remember? The first revolution with the advent of lycra entailed a second: the size of a cup! Now the size of the cup without the size of the belt is noise information, it’s all about nothing. Because cup B with belt sizes 60 and 90 are two different cups in volume. With the reduction of the belt, the size of my cup increased significantly, and this was my number two “revolution”: with the reduction of the belt, the cup always increases greatly.

My size from 75V changed to 60G / 65F, while I did not change in volumes, it’s just magic of the right size. Tactile, I got a completely different sensation: I felt tighter in the belt, but he holds the entire load of the chest very well and removes this load from the back and shoulders / straps.

Summary: 99% of women in fact do not wear their bra size, and they have nowhere to buy the right size: in our country, such sizes are almost never presented. Women with magnificent forms were especially unlucky.

But everything flows, everything changes, and now lingerie shops are starting to open, where you can not only choose an anatomically suitable bra (and not choose only from what is available), but also use the service of professional selection of underwear.

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Here it shakes, there it subsides: typical mistakes when choosing underwear
Underwear is a delicate topic: not all women have relationships with the most intimate part of the wardrobe that go smoothly. Buying beautiful and comfortable underwear is sometimes the same…