Each representative of the fair sex knows that when choosing underwear it is necessary to take into account many different nuances. For example, when buying a bra, it is important…

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How to choose your own underwear

1. You can determine your actual linen size at herroom.com/know-your-breasts/Questions.aspx. This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site machine will determine your approximate size of laundry. I warn you, it will be different from the usual!

2. If your volume under your chest is 80-90, try to go to the underwear store yourself and try on a smaller belt and a larger cup. You may feel more comfortable.

3. Any underwear must be tried on before purchase! This is the golden rule. In our country, linen is not subject to exchange and return, so you can not miss. It is better to do this in offline stores, where belt sizes from 60 to 120 and cups from A to KK are presented. I am a very practical woman and I like to shop at a discount in online stores, but, unfortunately, it will not be possible to save money in this case: the size of underwear of even one brand in different series and models may differ.

Some more secrets when choosing a lingerie top:

1. The wardrobe must have basic smooth flesh-colored underwear – it looks best under clothes;

2. Under light and dark clothes, it is better to wear flesh-colored underwear than white and black, respectively, especially at a photo shoot: black underwear glare on the photo.

3. Boudoir linen is provided only for appropriate cases.

4. Choose anatomically correctly tailored underwear of world brands (especially the British are famous for this) with wide straps and a well-tailored belt and cups of the shape you need. It will serve you much more than cheap analogues, and will not harm your health.

5. For playing sports and cleaning the house, use specially designed underwear for these purposes, and you will discover a new world – in such sconces you can fly into space!

Trying on linen should occur according to this algorithm:

• Put on the bra in the dressing room not directly, but tilting the torso forward, as if making a tilt. At the same time, it is very important to put the breast into the cup completely, pay special attention to the axillary rollers. These cushions appeared as a result of an improperly selected cup (too small for you), and when you wear the right size, the side cushions of the chest will gradually take their rightful position in the center;

• You must fasten the belt on the very last row of hooks – as you wear it, the belt will stretch, and the hooks can be pulled tight;

• The belt should fit quite tightly to the body: if you pull the fastened belt tightly, 4 fingers should hardly fit between it and the body;

• It is only necessary to fasten the bust at the back, without twisting it, – of course, if the front model is not provided for in the linen model.

I emphasize some more features of the fit of the bra:

• There should be no “sagging” on top of the cup. If they are, the bust is small for you in the cup.

• To remove the rollers so hated by many women on the back and align the back from the folds (and you don’t want to reconsider the diet and physical activity), choose wide belts – they will “pick up” everything that is unnecessary from the side and correct the figure.

• Perfectly matched bust should hold the chest not at the expense of straps, but at the expense of the belt. The belt should be strictly parallel to the floor and should be slightly lower and denser than you might be used to. The belt should not bulge up. If you bully, then your belt is too wide.

• The chest should harmoniously fit into the general proportions of the figure, without breaking them. A horizontal line, drawn mentally through the nipples, should run exactly in the middle of the forearm.

• If the bones interfere or crash into the body, most likely the cup is small for you or its model does not suit you.

• The jumper in the middle of the bra should fit snugly against the body. If it does not fit snugly, the belt is large for you.

• If you have pronounced axillary ridges in front, choose a cut cup with an additional lateral cut, this perfectly solves the problem.

Care Tips
After the purchase, the new bra will be quite tight. It is impregnated with talcum powder to better keep its shape during transportation and in the store. This stiffness is temporary, and if it creates discomfort, the bust needs to be rinsed under running (not too hot) water – the talcum powder will be washed out and the fabric will soften slightly.

It is necessary to wash the bra only in a special bag on a delicate program, do not boil and keep in mind that at hot temperatures and high drying and spinning speeds, the elastane quickly loses its shape.

The right underwear is the corrector of your figure
As a result of buying perfectly fitting underwear, in addition to positive emotions, we have a healthy back that does not break at the end of the day, even posture and a beautiful easy walk. A beautiful and comfortable bra literally doesn’t want to be removed, we forget what worn shoulders and constantly falling straps are. And we also have a wonderful visual effect: correctly selected linen that creates harmonious proportions is a high chest, a thin waist without rollers on the side and a reduced clothing size.

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