There is nothing worse than a comfortable molted bra syndrome when you wear underwear only to support, cover and protect these places from the cold! Do not consider that magnificent…

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There is nothing worse than a comfortable molted bra syndrome when you wear underwear only to support, cover and protect these places from the cold! Do not consider that magnificent…

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25 facts about underwear
1. According to one version, the first bra was invented in 1914 by the American Mary Phelps Jacobs, who made a trial version of handkerchiefs. Her husband approved his wife’s…

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What size underwear do you wear? This question is far from idle. Since not every woman is ready to give an answer to it right away. And not all ladies think about it even before a visit to their favorite boutique for new clothes. How do young ladies buy bras and panties for themselves? It’s hard to believe, but so far many shoppers are doing it by eye, and even without trying on.

Meanwhile, a similar approach makes itself felt, no matter how arrogant ladies may be. Yes, yes, because in the end you can hear complaints from them that they are terribly uncomfortable in a bra that is so pretty in appearance. And many women complain that they wear products of different brands, but not one is ready to offer them the perfect underwear.

Is it worth it to constantly condemn yourself to torment, instead of once learning how to buy new clothes in size? By the way, this is a very simple science, which will not be difficult to master. We are ready to tell you about the rules for choosing a bra, because questions arise more often to him than to new panties.

Numbers of bras: what you need to know about them
Numbers of bras Everything begins with an acquaintance with the sizes of bras, as well as with taking measurements. The most typical variant is when only two indicators are indicated on the bra – the volume of the breast under the mammary glands and at the points protruding from them.

This is an international size chart in which the first parameter is indicated in numbers and the second in the form of a letter of the Latin alphabet. However, you can also find underwear with other designations, for example, American-made. But then it will be necessary to find information on how it compares with international standards.

To find out your own size, you need to ask someone to take measurements. A friend or loved one can come to the rescue. But in a good store, a consultant can easily cope with the role of such an assistant. While the woman is standing straight, lowering her arms along the torso, the second man measures the girth of her chest and bust at the protruding points. It is important to wear comfortable underwear to take measurements. But it should be a classic cut, that is, not lifting or compressing the chest.

As a result, two values ​​will be obtained. The first, chest girth, is enough to already pick up a bra for yourself in volume. For example, if this figure is within 82 cm, then updates of size 80 or 85 are suitable. But it is also important to find out the size of the cup, which is indicated in the form of a letter of the Latin alphabet. To do this, subtract the chest circumference from the breast volume at the protruding points. To the resulting figure, we look for the corresponding letter in a special table and find out your exact size of the linen.

What else you need to know to buy a comfortable bra
numbers of bras However, it would be dishonest to keep silent about the fact that one number of bras is not enough to choose a new thing that will be as comfortable as possible. For convenience, it is important to buy bras according to the style, choosing them both for the peculiarities of your physique and for specific purposes of use. For example, for everyday use, products are needed that most delicately support the breast without distorting it. But push-ups, minimizers, and other things correcting the shape of things in daily use can turn into a tool of torture.

Do not squeeze magnificent breasts into very open underwear. Since, most likely, the bust will fall out of it, even if the bra is selected in size. And this can hardly be called comfortable. And by the way, a bra is worn not only for practical, but also for their aesthetic reasons. So you should not buy frankly unsympathetic models that do not make you feel like a real woman. Let them be thrice comfortable, you are unlikely to experience pleasure.

Perhaps the main advantage of these models of bras (option of knitwear) is their versatility. Since they tightly fit the body, they can be worn under an elegant dress, going for a celebration, and in the gym. Convenience and comfort is another no less important advantage of such underwear.

Therefore, it is advisable for every woman to have such a model in her wardrobe. The very name of such products speaks of this advantage – the absence of seams! This is so important when a woman’s skin is very sensitive even to the smallest stitches! Especially in the summer, when the seams can cause irritation.

Such a bra can be made of silicone or knitwear. The silicone model is usually a cup that is connected by a jumper. Nothing more! No strapless, no fasteners, no inconvenience!

Such a bra is placed on the mammary glands and sits as if it is the second skin. This ultramodern product is worth choosing when you are going to a party or a gala event, choose a bra for very open dresses. This is a great option for beautiful, revealing evening toilets.

The knitted version of a seamless bra can be worn every day, under clothes of any kind and for any occasion.

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