A delicate and intimate wardrobe item is more important than it seems at first glance - the convenience, health and even mood of a girl depends on it. Women's underpants…

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What designers can come up with in order to satisfy the whims of modern women! They are developing new types of clothing, including creating unusual intimate accessories. For example, for bras and panties today there are many useful and interesting accessories.

Buying a brand new bra, many women immediately purchase a set of certain parts for it. Spaghetti straps are very popular and common. They may be needed for a variety of tasks. You can buy removable silicone straps for the summer, when you want to open your shoulders to the warm sun, but there is no desire to show the straps from the bra.

In some cases, it is convenient for ladies to buy multi-colored straps, instead of changing bras. In this case, you can pick them up for tops of different colors or other open dresses. There are even elegantly decorated straps on sale.

They are able to effectively complement the image, no matter how elegant and solemn it may be. But the range of accessories for underwear is not limited to one removable straps. There are other, no less useful elements today. These include extension cords, which are worth telling in more detail.

Do you have a bra extension? It’s time to buy!
bra extension It is not for nothing that they say that everything ingenious borders on simplicity. And this accessory proves such a rule. After all, it looks elementary simply, but at the same time is able to solve effectively many important tasks. And the main thing is the correction of the size of your favorite bra. As often happens in the lives of different women, they can quite often gain weight, and then lose weight again.

For example, such metamorphoses occur during pregnancy and after the birth of a baby. Some women experience dramatic changes in volumes and in other years of life for various reasons. And what if you managed to buy bras, but suddenly got a little better?

Changes in the figure may not be critical for other outfits. But when putting on a bra you notice discomfort. If the laundry sits tight, and when you take it off, strips remain on the body, you can’t put up with it. It is necessary to take action. After all, while you walk in a bra, which even barely perceptibly shakes, the movement of blood in your body is disturbed.

And also it affects the lymph flow negatively. In the end, you can do yourself serious harm. Such “little things” lead to ailments, up to cancerous tumors. Why test yourself for strength and endure inconvenience or buy new things, if you can just buy an extension cord for a bra. Such accessories are inexpensive, and they solve problems very efficiently.

What are these interesting details for a bra?
If you have never encountered bra extensions, then you can’t imagine for sure what they are. The accessory looks like a narrow strip of fabric on which several rows of hooks are located. It is fixed directly to the fasteners of your bra. You only need to choose the extension cord in size and color. Details can be wide and narrow, and you need to buy them in accordance with your own bra. As for colors, there are usually classic options for sale – white, black and beige. But you can find extension cords for colored laundry.

It is worth noting that pregnant women are still advised to buy special bras, rather than experimenting with accessories. Because they sew special models that will carefully and efficiently support the chest. But of course, if the wardrobe has soft classic items that do not squeeze the mammary glands, then you can continue to wear them.

Manufacturers of intimate products for women offer a wide variety of elements that can complement or slightly modify a particular type of underwear. They produce accessories of a different plan, which, accordingly, is able to solve various problems. And you can consider them with specific examples.

For example, there are accessories designed to correct the size of bras. With the help of an extension cord, it is possible to actually increase the linen in girth by several numbers. Such parts are made in different colors, different widths and for a different number of hooks. And their use is very simple – just fasten the extension cord to the hooks on the bra.

Probably, almost every woman at least once in her life bought removable straps for bras. And if not, then you should include them in your arsenal. By the way, these are very useful and necessary details. If, for example, you need to go out, and for this you bought a dress with bare shoulders, then the question arises how to hide the bra straps.

The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to buy silicone straps. No less popular such accessories in various colors. There are also special straps decorated with rhinestones, beads and other decor. They perfectly complement the elegant image, acting as a decoration.

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