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Health is Above All! In the cold season, in winter or early spring, it is very easy to catch a cold and get sick. In order to be fully armed in the fight against cold and frost, special equipment is needed.

The best protection for a modern man from the cold piercing wind or freezing temperatures overboard is to buy high-quality and comfortable thermal underwear, which can be in our store. This term has recently entered the list of popular goods for men’s use. However, the advantage of using thin and warm underpants, underpants and a thermal t-shirt has already been appreciated by many. Today, this part of the wardrobe confidently won the mandatory position in the list of clothes of a modern man.

The main function of this type of underwear is protection in the cold season. Men’s thermal underwear is made from a special fabric that retains heat well and removes moisture to the outside. It is these characteristics that make it simply indispensable for men. For the production of thermal underwear, various types of fabrics are used, the most popular ones are polyester, elastane, a mixture of synthetics with wool and 100% cotton. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing underwear you need to focus on the features of its purpose. For ordinary socks, not dense underwear made of synthetics, cotton or bamboo is suitable. The latter is gaining more and more popularity due to its special qualities: elasticity, ability to remove moisture, hypoallergenic properties. Its disadvantage is the high price. Cotton is relatively inexpensive, perfectly retains heat, but easily absorbs moisture. An alternative can be artificial tissue, which perfectly removes sweat, leaving the body dry, does not get wet and does not absorb odors.

If you plan to engage in active winter sports: skiing, ice skating, snowboarding or spend time on a frozen lake with a fishing rod in your hands, then you need more effective protection. Wear two-layer thermal underwear made from a mixture of synthetic fibers and wool. The top layer copes with moisture perfectly, and the bottom, made of merino wool, retains heat. Such a step will warm you even in the most severe frosts.

For allergy sufferers, there is a special three-layer model in which a lower ball with hypoallergenic properties is added.

When choosing thermal underwear, be guided by the following:

The size. It must be exactly yours, no more and no less. It is assumed that this type of clothing is required to fit the figure well, not to restrict movements and not to reflect on what is worn on top.
Cut. Ideally, if the model is seamless, which is quite possible in a synthetic version. If the seams are still there, then they should be thin, invisible.
Color, style. It is best to choose a kit – a jacket and underpants – in one style. What if you suddenly have to undress? Clothing of one style and color looks more harmonious, you will feel confident and stylish.

Our online store of Menbox thermal underwear offers you to insulate yourself: buy thermal underwear as a set, or purchase separately high-quality, comfortable and stylish underpants, as well as sweaters.

Ukraine is not Italy and there are plenty of cold days in the year. So why freeze and hurt? In high-quality and warm underwear from the best manufacturers, you will always feel confident and comfortable!

And remember – it is easier to buy thermal underwear in Kiev or in any other city in Ukraine via the Internet 😉 A large selection, a comfortable armchair in front of the monitor and detailed photos will make it possible to choose the exact model.

Thongs, tanga, Brazilian, bikini – frank models of men’s underpants, which are especially popular among some of the male population. Such styles are not intended for daily wear, they are distinguished by a special cut and design aimed at the maximum demonstration of certain parts of the body and contributing to the increase of man’s sexuality. This clothing is chosen by bodybuilders, lovers of super-tight jeans, and is also used as erotic lingerie.

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