What size underwear do you wear? This question is far from idle. Since not every woman is ready to give an answer to it right away. And not all ladies…

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A woman should be perfect in everything - both in appearance and in a sense of style in clothes, and, importantly, elements of the wardrobe that are hidden under the…

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Women who are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their own breasts tend to choose a "dream bra." That is, one that they would like to wear, but not…

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Many men consider underwear the most insignificant detail of their wardrobe and relate to its purchase without due attention. This is a wrong judgment, since faith in one’s own impeccability does not begin with a shirt and trousers, but with the fact that underneath: invisible to those around him.

Lingerie is as important a part of the image as other details of clothing that form the overall image. Properly selected style, aesthetically attractive design gives a man a sense of comfort, a sense of masculinity and self-confidence.

Buying men’s underwear is good about quality today is not difficult, its range is almost as extensive as that of women. The collection of our Menbox online store includes various types of fashionable underpants, swimming trunks, as well as underpants, T-shirts, T-shirts, thermal underwear, socks and other equipment.

Men’s underwear – historical information

The history of the underworld is rooted in the distant past for its prototype – a loincloth. It was this part of ancient clothing that served to cover her intimate places. The bandages were colored so that men could stand out among the surrounding tribesmen. In the most developed civilization of the ancient world – Egyptian – worn shenti, which were a bit like a modern short skirt.

With the development of society, underwear was modified. In the Renaissance, men wore already underpants – white linen pants, which were decorated with lush lace.

The 18th and 19th centuries brought revolutionary changes to the intimate detail of the men’s wardrobe. This is a time of rapid development of scientific and technological progress and medicine. A knit fabric was invented, which is characterized by cost-effective production and healthy properties. People began to pay more attention to hygiene and sports, and the uncomfortable lace knickers are being replaced by a practical and comfortable knitted underwear, which is still quite simple in cut and design.

In the twentieth century, men’s underwear undergoes cardinal changes, becoming more tight-fitting and short. The 80s of the last century gave the world talented designers who drew attention to this part of the clothing. The first collections of beautiful and comfortable underwear models appeared that added sex appeal to the image of a man. One of the pioneers in this area was Kelvin

Klein, whose products are in constant demand today. You can buy men’s underwear of this brand, as well as products of other popular brands in the online store of stylish men’s underwear Menbox.

Let’s look in the man’s clothes closet

The stronger sex now has almost the same underwear choice as women: from sexy bikinis to special panties for sports. This item of clothing wears out quickly enough, so you need to constantly replenish the stock, and it’s best to buy men’s underpants in various designs and cuts.

It is assumed that in the linen closet of a man who is watching himself there are several everyday comfortable shorts, plus or minus two pairs of especially beautiful ones – “on the way out”, tight-fitting ones for playing sports or under tight pants, spacious ones for sleeping, as well as original ones, possibly erotic men’s panties for special occasions.

Men’s underwear in Kiev is represented by several of the most common models:

Briefs are classic men’s triangular underpants that fit like swimming trunks. This is the easiest option, suitable for daily wear. As the material of manufacture, soft stretch knitwear is used, which provides a snug fit. Thanks to special inserts, an elastic band on a belt and other specific elements of a cut, briefs differ in high comfort of socks. The main highlight of the models is a diverse design, wide color gamut, fashionable combinations, prints and inscriptions, the use of creative details. The most popular manufacturers are Calvin Klein, Pink Hero, Seobean, ES, S-IN2.
Hips is a transitional style from briefs to boxers: more closed than briefs, but shorter than boxers. They have a rectangular cut with short vertical sides. Hips are popular with those who love fixing and supporting underwear. Boxer briefs look stylish, fit athletically built and thin men, are suitable for any clothes.

Boxers are a more closed version, slightly longer than briefs and hips, look like soft knitted shorts. They can be tight-fitting, worn under jeans or for sports, as well as spacious – the most preferred among men. Thanks to the fit, they seductively emphasize the protruding parts of the male body, therefore they look very sexy.

Families are a modern kind of boxers of a free cut, a very popular style, highly recommended by doctors. It is believed that this form helps to increase reproductive functions.

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A woman should be perfect in everything - both in appearance and in a sense of style in clothes, and, importantly, elements of the wardrobe that are hidden under the…