Today, a bra can be safely called the fundamental detail of a female intimate wardrobe. With the help of a properly selected bra, you can easily adjust the shape of…

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Brassieres are designed not only to support the chest, but also to correct the figure - a correctly chosen model can make the silhouette more expressive and sexy. In this…

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Modern underwear is not just an important element of a women's wardrobe, it is also a great opportunity to slightly adjust the figure, hiding its flaws and emphasizing the merits.…

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Incorrectly chosen


Many men consider underwear the most insignificant detail of their wardrobe and relate to its purchase without due attention. This is a wrong judgment, since faith in one’s own impeccability does not begin with a shirt and trousers, but with the fact that underneath: invisible to those around him.

Lingerie is as important a part of the image as other details of clothing that form the overall image. Properly selected style, aesthetically attractive design gives a man a sense of comfort, a sense of masculinity and self-confidence.

Buying men’s underwear is good about quality today is not difficult, its range is almost as extensive as that of women. The collection of our Menbox online store includes various types of fashionable underpants, swimming trunks, as well as underpants, T-shirts, T-shirts, thermal underwear, socks and other equipment. Continue reading


Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows perfectly well that even the most sophisticated elegant outfit will not look 100% if the wrong underwear is chosen. The harmony of the silhouette will be broken and, as a result, the mood will be spoiled.

This is especially true for choosing a bra. After all, a beautiful breast shape is without a doubt one of the main advantages of any woman! Therefore, it is so important to emphasize its charm and hide possible flaws. And given that each woman has her own physiological characteristics, it’s understandable: you need to spare no time in order to make a good choice and subsequently feel “on top”!

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What size underwear do you wear? This question is far from idle. Since not every woman is ready to give an answer to it right away. And not all ladies think about it even before a visit to their favorite boutique for new clothes. How do young ladies buy bras and panties for themselves? It’s hard to believe, but so far many shoppers are doing it by eye, and even without trying on.

Meanwhile, a similar approach makes itself felt, no matter how arrogant ladies may be. Yes, yes, because in the end you can hear complaints from them that they are terribly uncomfortable in a bra that is so pretty in appearance. And many women complain that they wear products of different brands, but not one is ready to offer them the perfect underwear.

Is it worth it to constantly condemn yourself to torment, instead of once learning how to buy new clothes in size? By the way, this is a very simple science, which will not be difficult to master. We are ready to tell you about the rules for choosing a bra, because questions arise more often to him than to new panties. Continue reading

How to choose your own underwear
1. You can determine your actual linen size at This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site…


There is nothing worse than a comfortable molted bra syndrome when you wear underwear only to support, cover and protect these places from the cold! Do not consider that magnificent…


Here it shakes, there it subsides: typical mistakes when choosing underwear
Underwear is a delicate topic: not all women have relationships with the most intimate part of the wardrobe that go smoothly. Buying beautiful and comfortable underwear is sometimes the same…