Would you like to make your figure more attractive in just one instant, without diets and heavy physical exercises? Special corrective underwear will be an excellent solution for both thin…

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HOW TO CHOOSE CORNERS UNDER THE DRESS If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to choose women's panties for a dress for a party or…

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How to choose your own underwear
1. You can determine your actual linen size at This is a fairly simple service where, using the Know Your Breasts system and sequentially performed questionnaire actions, the site…

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model correctly


The choice of panties and bras is the most enjoyable occupation that a modern young lady can only imagine when shopping. After all, the lovely little produced by manufacturers are so beautiful that you can enjoy it just by looking at them.

What to say about fitting! And of course, buying such a seductive underwear, every customer dreams of getting pleasure from its use for a very long time. Therefore, for young ladies, the key point in choosing new clothes is not only their beauty, but also quality.

But in the assortment of modern stores you can often find not the most ordinary products. This is a linen that is designed for single use. Why is it necessary? One woman may need it one day, without exception. Therefore, it is worth getting an answer to the question of who came up with disposable intimate wardrobe items and why. Continue reading

From the history of lingerie: garters and belts

The history of things stores many interesting, unusual and, sometimes, funny facts about a variety of things and events. And lingerie is no exception. Here, for example, the intimate detail of underwear – the garter owes its popularity to the English king Edward III. How it was?

In chivalric novels and in historical chronicles, an incident happened in 1348 at a ball in Windsor Castle with one high-born lady. Some call her Countess of Kent, others claim that she was Queen Philip, and still others attribute the incident to Countess Salisbury. Continue reading

Spring 2019 Trends: Sportswear

The portable style is gaining momentum, and today it is not just a tracksuit in which you can run or exercise in the gym, but also quite fashionable, practical and comfortable clothes for everyday life. Moreover, this is not necessarily boring training with stripes, the style of sport chic includes dynamic, beautiful and comfortable things with an element of luxury.

This spring, famous designers released new collections of clothes that can safely be attributed to sports style. So, the first thing to start with is colors, which are the most relevant topic in the field of trends.

The color that can be safely called beloved by all the glamorous young ladies this spring is the leopard. I must say that animal prints are now in trend in all collections of fashion designers. And this applies to clothes, accessories, bags and even shoes. Leopard color is simply the king of trends, and sportswear is also not spared. Therefore, if you want to buy yourself some kind of sharp-fashionable sports kit, then you can safely choose things in a leopard style. Moreover, it is not necessary to choose a variant of a monolike, today it is just fashionable and relevant to alternate different colors. For example, you can leave a leopard print in one Continue reading

Each girl’s wardrobe has knitted items - they are comfortable, practical and are combined with outfits of different styles. According to designers, women's knitwear will never go out of fashion…


The information in this blog will be very useful for every woman. In our article, we will consider the basic tips for wearing and choosing a bra. HOW TO CARE…


The first association with everyday underwear is minimalism: a minimum of seams, jewelry, fasteners and more. Most often, girls have to choose between beautiful and comfortable. But rag shapeless bodices…